NexJ Intelligent Customer Management: delivering AI and machine learning to financial services

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in financial services today, but for NexJ it’s nothing new. NexJ has always included AI in its Intelligent Customer Management products and we continue to innovate and augment the capabilities we deliver. NexJ’s award winning products use AI to improve customer service, increase productivity, grow assets under management, and increase share of wallet. NexJ CRM provides immediate productivity improvements and relationship building capabilities by enabling users to better understand customers, personalize interactions to their customer’s unique needs to grow trust, and collaborate with customers in their channel of choice. Firms can further increase productivity by layering on NexJ Customer Process Management or NexJ CPM. NexJ CPM provides AI powered process management to streamline and automate key workflows. It also provides the robotic process automation capabilities necessary to embed machine learning driven insights in CRM as notifications for revenue-generating activities. When ready firms can introduce insights derived from machine-learning into their solutions using NexJ customer data analytics and intelligence. NexJ CDAI helps firms overcome the challenges that commonly cause advanced artificial intelligence projects to fail. These three intelligent customer management products can work together as a cognitive app to maximize your benefits. The NexJ cognitive app is a continuously learning application that uses machine learning to recommend the right actions for advisors and bankers to work smarter and improve customer service. It enables firms to achieve their AI and machine learning goals, whether they be to digitize and enable omnichannel service, improve the customer experience, increase user productivity, or any combination of these. NexJ is the only vendor that offers a foundation for AI success across the front, middle and back office. Combining the capabilities produces a continually learning app that uses decision models to recommend the right actions. To learn how NexJ Intelligent Customer Management can help your business improve customer service and increase productivity, visit

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