One Sweet Summer – Omni’s Honey Bee Hive Program And Honey-Inspired Menu

[Music] Narrator: Omni’s love affair with honey began long before nature’s sweetener was named 2015 Flavor of the Year. What started as an experiment with a single beehive at one Omni Hotel quickly spread to an obsession with our chefs. Our passion for honey led to a culinary collaboration with the National Honey Board. Together we created a summer poolside menu featuring refreshing honey-infused cocktails and delectable dishes. It’s all part of one sweet summer at Omni Hotels and Resorts. Therrieu: We all collaborated and came up with some menu items that we could work in our pools across the brand. It was fun to be able to collaborate and come up with some neat things. And I think we’ve got some solid ground. We’ve found, you know, nine or ten items that we like and I think it should translate well. Ash: I think it also gave us an opportunity to really taste the recipe with the honey we thought would work, so, we tried with another one and we’re like, oh yeah, that’s awesome. And that was a good opportunity to really do that. And now we can take it back to our associates and teach and train them and get them just as excited as we are. Hasho: Even the temperature change, going from even in a sauté pan, heating it up or just in your mouth when you’re tasting it, the viscosity changes, the whole flavor profile develops, lingers on a little bit longer than you would typically imagine. Wardynski: As you take that through as recommendations for the entire brand, I think it speaks volumes to Omni in what we do, like we’re leading the industry of what’s out there. Nobody else is taking on varietals in honey and for us to do that, I mean, I think it speaks volumes of our, of our brand and what our mission is and what we want to do. Haasarud: Honey is really diverse. Now you can use a wide range of spirits with it. So, with the pool program this summer we have honey cocktails with vodka. We have honey cocktails with bourbon. We have honey cocktails with rum. There’s a really wide range of cocktails and different spirit bases and flavors that we’re bringing it and really bridging those flavors together with honey. So, it’s a program that I’m really excited about. And you should get down to the pool and have a honey cocktail right now. Narrator: We welcome you to join us at the pool. Sit back, relax, soak up some rays and enjoy the sweet taste of summer. [Music]

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