Open Season Video Game Walkthrough – PART 1 | Boog & Elliot XBOX360

Boog? Boog! Have you seen Dinkelman? Come on. Go get him! Boog? Boog! Come on, wake up! Morning, sleepyhead. Time to get up! Finally! Houston… I think we have visual! What about Dinkelman? Do you have Dinkelman with you? Nod like this for yes. Or like this for no. Well, do you have him? No you don’t, you big liar. Find your Dinkelman doll and then we’ll go. Once you find him, come back to me. So? Did you find Dinkelman? Yes… or no? So you found him. Great! That’s my boy! Ooh, you two are so cute! Now hop in the back and let’s get going! That guy really chaps my khakis. You stay here, Boog. I’m gonna go give him a piece of my mind. Psst! Psst! Hey bear, over here! Psst! Psst! Hey bear, over here! Are you talking to me? -Yeah. I’m Elliot. What’s your name?
-My name’s Boog. -Listen, you gotta help me. Can you untie me?
-Untie you? No way. That’s Shaw’s truck you’re tied to. -What’s a Shaw?
-Only the nastiest hunter in town. Wouldn’t wanna make him angry at me, know what I’m saying? Oh no! I don’t want to be mounted on a wall! You have to untie me! Please? Hey! He’s getting away! Shaw! No shooting in town! But, that bear leaned over and untied my buck! Didn’t you see that? You’ve been living in the woods too long, Shaw! I saw you untie my deer. You made an enemy today, bear. I’m gonna get you someday, understand? Shaw! You get away from him! Enjoy the comfort, bear! You’ll have to go back in nature someday, and when that day comes I will be there, waiting! Don’t worry about him, Boog. He can’t do anything to you while you’re safe under my roof. Huh? What’s that? Who’s there? Hey buddy! It’s me, Elliot! Hey, over here. Hey! Open the door and let me in! -I’m busting you out of here. Let’s go, let’s do this!
-Nah, cornflake! You got it all twisted. This here is my home. Sweet! -Hey, is that a bed? Ooh… I get it. You’re like a pet!
-I ain’t nobody’s pet! Right! Matching food and water bowl set. You’re pet! I got something that’ll make you come with me. Get a whiff of this! There’s this place in town that has stacks of them. Come this way. I know a shortcut. This is it, my friend. You try and find a way inside while I stay here and uh, scan the area! -The incredible MISTER E is in the house!
-Elliot! What are you thinking? You cou… That’s what I’m talking about. Look! There are Woo-Hoo bars everywhere! I betcha can’t find 10 Woo-Hoos! -Oh no! They’re gonna put us away for good!
-Prison!? Worse! The zoo! C’mon, or it’s adios los liberty, amigo! I had a feeling this would happen someday. Boog? Boog! What happened? It’s just too dangerous keeping a bear in town like this, Beth. Please don’t take him from me… Isn’t this nice? Flowers. Trees. A deer stuck in the ground. A wide-open vista… A WIDE OPEN VISTA?!!! AHHHH!!! You! Take a good look, Elliot. Know what’s missing, Elliot? -Wait. Don’t tell me! I…
-Timberline is missing! I was just gonna say that! But, tell you what, I’m kind of stuck here, if you pull me out I’ll show you the way back to Timberline! Me, help you?! No way! I’m getting out of here on my own. Yeah. I’d like to see you try. Great! Thanks, partner! You’re not gonna regret it. I know these woods like the back of my hoof. -Except for this part. Where are we?
-What?! Relax, relax. Just toss me up on that rock. I need to get a better lay of the land, that’s all. All you gotta do is pick me up and throw me up there. Hey, yeah! I can see Timberline from here! It’s right overwh-whoa-whoaaaah! Ta-daa! Call me the incredible Mister E! Hey. I found the way out of here. C’mon, it’s this way. OI! Where’d you think you’re going? Ye canna pass this area! This is McSquizzy’s turf. Nobody messes with McSquizzy, ’cause that’s me! Who’s this little punk think he is? C’mon, Elliot. I warned ye! SQUIRRELS READY! Oh, geez! You just got humiliated by a bunch of squirrels! Seriously, buddy, I’m embarrassed for you! Oi! Ye think yer slick, don’t ye, city bear? -Got past you.
-Aye, ye did. Ye went against me and my word is my bond. Now I’ll have to teach ye a lesson. SQUIRRELS! Full force! Fire! Looks like we have a situation here… a wery “sticky” situation. You’ve picked up a cute little porcupine up your butt. GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! Okay now, calm down, I’m going to show you how to do this. You might wanna cover your ears! WHAT!? Hush, Boog. Just shake your butt, a little to the right, a little to the left. Like this. DANCING!? I’m in pain, Elliot! Dancing’s not to help! The incredible Mister E knows a thing or two about this sort o’thing. Now trust me and shake it, big guy!


  1. Hello friend you've got the game on the usb or downloaded from xbox live if it's put him through usb Friend Please I really like this game please Greetings

  2. I don't care what people say about movie licensed games. It's games like this, madagascar, over the hedge, etc. that defined my early childhood.

  3. oh my goodness seeing this game makes me want to cry. I use to played it so much as a kid in my Nintendo GameCube.

  4. I still remember how much of a douche that I was to Elliot. Kept throwing him against a wall because he wouldn't shut up. Lol.

  5. my xbox had the red ring of death and i gave this game to a friend but didnt know where it was and i just wish i had it again. ah well ill get an xbox 360 and the game just to feel good about the old days

  6. I faintly recall spending a good portion of the game just picking up hunters and throwing them off the cliff and thinking that that was the coolest thing ever

  7. I dont know but I wanna play this again it was my childhood
    I loved picking up elliot and throwing him XD and my favorite mission was when boog had to put the skunks on the hunters heads

  8. One of my childhood favorites I my not like the movie that much but this game I don't mind playing .ill rather play this game than cod iw

  9. man those good o'le ps2 days😅 ever wondering if the game will fire up or the disc too scratched😂😯

  10. Is it bad that I purposely tried to lose Eliot at any chance I got. I constantly threw him over the edge of the cliff, but he still came back to me 😂

  11. When I first played this, I found a glitch. I couldn't look at her, my head kept spinning around. It took a good hour to stop the spinning 😂

  12. I remember to play this so much I ended up selling it at blockbuster now I regret my decision

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  14. Imagine… Remastered every movie game like this one or Over the Hedge, Ice Age 2/3, Madagascar… We would gain free world… New missions… I want this!

  15. I remember playing this game about 5 or 4 years ago when my dad bought it for me. It's a very easy game to finish and I enjoyed every minute playing it. Lol and I even had some good laughs too ◡̈ I still have this game. I'm thinking about playing it but..idk. I feel like when every year passes by I lose interest in what I had in my childhood. Like playing with toys or watching a lot of Disney movies :/ Damn I really miss being 10 years old.

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