Our Next Adventure (retro) – Beehive Huts in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Swaziland

Welcome to Swaziland. This is where we stayed.
In our beautiful beehive hut. Traditional Swaziland habitat. As you can see, our room number…
our hut number was “Blesbok number five.” It is made out of nothing but thatch, twine on the outside. No smoking is permitted inside of these.
So, if you choose to smoke you must do so outside. Come on it.
Let me show you what it’s like. As you can see, it’s not for the tall people.
You have to duck down. The handle, beautiful horn, antler, from some of the Kudu. Come on inside. Don’t forget to duck. Welcome to the beehive. As you can see all on the inside, the construction, the wood is bent, shaped to the form of a beehive. Complete for your comfort ceiling fan to keep the air rotating. Especially in the summertime you will find
that helpful. Two twin beds. Night table. Very rustic. If you come around this way you’ll see accommodations come fully equipped with a kettle and tea and coffee. This is my favorite part. It’s a closet! Just open up, roll it up, and there’s your closet. Complete with hangers. Very simple. Again, made out of the jute from the Swazi people. Close it up. And this way you’ll notice the beautiful rounded archway that leads us into our own private bathroom. Separated only by a curtain. Fully working shower, hot and cold running water, complete with a European pull out. Shower curtain for privacy. Full working toilet, sink, mirror, and of course, window that opens into the courtyard. So, that competes the tour of our Swazi beehive. As you can see it is a must do when you come to
Swaziland. You will not be disappointed.

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