[Music] Hi I’m the top shelf grower, and welcome to the Paradise Seeds Skunk Works Project this is episode 1 and it’s all about seed, germination, and how to care for your seeds. So we’re going to start that right away. Low-tech, not too fancy, brown paper bag after you’ve germinated your beans so you can preserve them for up to 5 years and that’s been my personal experience and this is how I do it and I’m gonna share it with you guys. Brown paper bag, coffee jar repurposed, airtight filled with five strains from Paradise Seeds want you to come and grow them. Here we go ladies and gents. 5 strains and they’re no ordinary strains they’re the absolute best strains on the market, in my opinion, for home grows everywhere, indoors or outdoors, here we go! Get a load of these. I’ve actually got six plants and I’m gonna tell you what each and every one of them are right now! Okay! On your left that’s LA Amnesia. Chong’s Choice signature strain. In the middle, two more Chong’s choice signature strains; Blue Kush Berry – I am a Kush man, of course it’s gonna be picked. Last but not least the Chong’s Choice, the Mendocino Skunk the best skunk there is, the best skunk there was, the best skunk there ever will be and some old-school classics by popular demand the best indica there ever was, Sensi Star and another one for the ethereal cannabis aficionados – those that like get really high and fly towards the sky. That girl there is Atomical Haze. Now, how do I start them? Well I’ve done a comparison study for you, the three on the left of your screen, were started right away in exactly what you see them in – jiffy pots and even different sizes, okay! The three on your right, I started them the traditional way. Obviously this was done indoors, but I have to bring it out to show you. Lunch box! Paper towels! Water bottle! So all I did with these ones… two paper towels, okay. Sandwich them, spray them, put them in a cool dark cabinet. Two days later, BINGO! You’ve got top roots. But, by the same token, if you don’t have a delicate touch and you’re wary of you know picking up seeds and placing them into jiffy pots or you know, getting them started, three on the left, as you can see, are identical the tree on the right for progress. So either way you can’t lose with Paradise Seeds. Okay! Now, coming up next week and the weeks to come… I’ve got some Auto White Berry plants also by Paradise Seeds. For examples, I’m gonna be taking you through veg and growth, all the way to flowering, that’s the second one there, and I’m gonna take you to the harvest stage. Because this series is all about the critical stages of cannabis cultivation from beginning to the end and even some post harvest fun too. So! I hope you guys will all follow along and make sure to hit that bell. Click it! Make sure you get the reminders for this series. This is a separate completely standalone series I’m doing exclusively for Paradise Seeds and this one is for the homegrowers. If you wanna get you every step, whether you’re a beginner grower or a grand master, there’s gonna be something here for you. So please like and subscribe for more and I’ll see you soon [Music]

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