Practical Nutrition Update 5 | Aging Matters | NPT Reports

– [Announcer] NPT Reports, Aging Matters. (gentle music) – Thinking about some
good practical safety and kitchen tips that we can utilize. Honestly, there are so many
people that make the mistake of taking their cookware and
placing it on the stove top and the handle is above another eye. So what we want to really get
people in the habit of doing is placing their cookware
on the stove correctly, which would be angled toward your controls or even turned out like this, so that you can easily pick it up. Now let’s talk about kind of
scaling down your cookware. – [Megan] As we get older,
sometimes our grip decreases. So we have issues with grip
or issues with even balance with our upper extremities. – So something really,
really big like this, you might want to scale
down to something smaller. If you’ve got something big,
two handles are better than one if you’ve got something big like that. So these are really good, practical things that anybody could do, but obviously, it’s something
that’s very important in the kitchen for safety reasons.

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