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(gentle music) – [Narrator] NPT Reports. Aging Matters. – So Meg, everybody eats cereal, but that’s also one of those hidden things where you can get a lot
of sugar real quickly. So give us some good
suggestions for cereal. – Okay, so a lot of your
front part of your label can be very deceiving,
by saying, natural or high in fiber, when sometimes, some of ’em are not so high in fiber or
they’re loaded with sugar. So the main thing you wanna
go with is, when in doubt, at least five grams of
fiber and single digits in your sugar, so less
than 10 grams of sugar. So instead of your typical,
you just grab your Raisin Bran, which has added sugar, they
add sugar to the raisins, get your old-fashioned Bran
Flakes, add your raisins, add your fruit, add whatever you prefer, and it keeps the sugar down. Only, it has five grams of sugar, and it has your five grams
of fiber already in it. – So Meg, obviously, this
can be very overwhelming for people as they go
through the grocery store. What are some good
resources that people can, where they can learn more about
exactly how to grocery shop and to do it really well? – Well, my experience at one
of our FiftyForward centers throughout Middle Tennessee,
our staff and volunteers can help you learn what
to look for in your food and healthy eating. They can help you with food budgets. And then, if the need is
there, staff or volunteers can assist you and take
you grocery shopping. – Meg, this has been really informative, thanks for joining us here today. – Thank you for having me. (gentle music)

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