Pregnancy Checks on Some “Cash Cows” | The Incredible Dr. Pol

NARRATOR: Dr. Pol and
Charles have 33 clients left. DR. POL: We are doing
pregnancy checks at Gary’s. GARY: Hello. Hello. I don’t want to do nothing out
there to make me sick today. What did I do the last time? Gary, many times, had one of
his grandsons write things down, but they all have moved away. Come on. So now Gary’s wife Penny has
to do the secretarial work. Come on, keep going. I don’t usually come down
here and do too much of it. I’m kind of a city girl. NARRATOR: Tracking
the pregnant cows– DR. POL: Hey, come on. NARRATOR: –helps
Gary and Penny manage their pennies and dollars. She is five months,
four months, six months. Six months, more money. DR. POL: Yeah. Beef cows make the
farmer money by producing calves that he can then sell. That’s his livelihood. Seven months. Ooh, I can shop
in two more months. DR. POL: Nice heifers. Do you do this
because you like it or you do it for the money? – I love it.
– You love it. I love working with animals. GARY: You paying
attention to anything? Who me? I’m finding out why he
does all this gross stuff. GARY: 119. They’ve been on too much corn. They all have diarrhea. This is just disgusting. Who does this kind of stuff? DR. POL: Go!
Open the gate. Open the gate. Let her go. When you get working
with these cows– whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
–people get hurt. CHARLES: Gary’s used to
working with these cows, but– GARY: Butts. CHARLES: –when you put them
in a small space like this– PENNY: Gary! CHARLES: –nobody’s safe. [mooing] DR. POL: Will you quit that? She’s open. Six months, three months. GARY: We pregnancy checked 33. There was 31 of them
that were pregnant. Well, that’s real good. Usually anytime you get over
10%, you’re doing awful good. NARRATOR: Gary’s herd turns
out to be a real cash cow. In the money. We can go shopping. Good.
Right. It was gross, but I get
to spend the money now. DR. POL: OK. Just ’cause they’re
pregnant don’t make any money. When you have calves
to sell, then that’s when they’re worth something. DR. POL: We’ll see you guys. PENNY: Thank you. DR. POL: Merry Christmas. So it’s not this Christmas gift. It’ll be a year from Christmas. Long range planning. [mooing]


  1. The CW tends to blur out things that children shouldn't see, like Dr. Pol's arm while he's testing for pregnancy. Children must be protected from reality. But on Fox TV's "Hell's Kitchen", a dairy cow was brought on stage — and the network blurred out the obvious, big udder!!! How crazy was that?

  2. Penny is a spoiled city girl. Any woman who is not involved with their husband's and family's income stream is a major brat. Hey I will come help Gary deliver calves and send the brat up the road… LOL . All she cares about is the MONEY!

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