Principals of Beekeeping : Beekeeping safety

Normally you can use an overall for covering
yourself, with long sleeves. Those overalls are normally white. And the colors to avoid
are blue and black, especially marine blue because they make the bees come at you-somehow.
You also have to avoid perfumes and deodorants and all those scented products. One precaution
you have to have when you’re working with bees is to avoid sudden movements such as this, or like this,
or like this, because you just provoke them more, so you really have to remain calm even
if they’re coming at you. They smell the flowers all the time, they like scents. They
look for pollen and nectar based on chemical smells of the flowers. So if you give them
any kind of fragrance, they can detect it easily—it’s part of their nature, and
they can detect you by that means.


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