Principals of Beekeeping : How to Use a Queen Bee Excluder

This metal frame is called the queen excluder.
That makes the queen stay only in this chamber brood. She cannot come up into the rest of
the bee hive. As you saw, we already saw brood on the second and third supers but that was
because this device was not placed in. She can only lay eggs in this part of the bee


  1. Well it prevents swarming….sort of. It doesn't fix the problems making them want to swarm in the first place and if left in place on the bottom, it restricts traffic making it more difficult for foragers to capitalize on "good" days. Excluders slow traffic no matter how they are used. In half a century, I have never used them.

  2. Queen excluders are awesome! Love the videos, wish they were a bit longer though (that's a good thing right?)

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