Principals of Beekeeping : Moving bee hives

Okay, we’re going to see how we transport
bees, either for production or for any other reason we can see, we should transport them.
Or we can transport them from one nectar flow area that’s already done to another nectar
flow that’s going to begin. So five miles, could be five hundred miles. The procedure
is the same. Like, I know people who take their bees from Texas all the way to California.
So the way you do it is like this. You wait until the day ends so you make sure that the
bees are in the bee hive because during the day the bees are out collecting nectar and
pollen. So if you remove the beehive from there, you’re going to lose all those bees
that are valuable bees. So the way to do it is you wait until the end of the day when
most of the light is gone and most of the bees are back in the bee hive- they’re no
longer going to the fields, and you cover them. You close the entrance with a wire like this and you put it in the entrance so
you close it. And still they have ventilation. So I’ll do it again now with the tool because
this is an empty hive. And then you close all your bee hives like this. And then you’d
bring them into your truck, stack them, tie them, and take them to California.


  1. I just have a question, I´m planning in Moving bees in a very cold weather…….I have already reduced the entreance of the bee hive,so my question i sill it affect my bees when I move them if i open the whole entrene and puto the wire net,I still am plan in covering all the bee hives THANKS!!!

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