Produccion de miel en panal – Comb honey production

January 2, 2016 we keep working and making videos of beekeeping still much work we have to work hard at this time with bees to take advantage of reaping high amount of honey what we need to produce this year we find Alan Barranechea and Antonio Rojas checking the entry of honey we are seeing the hives they are producing comb honey few days have those drawers? Antony 4 days to the great speed of work of these bees is due? the amount of honey that is entering the entry of honey is incredible the amount of honey when these bees nectar can collect honey can be stored quickly these bees are and docile workers cuandotiene and conditions they fly to 100% and no one to that seems Alan? They have to see the conditions You have to see that now in full bloom a very good eucalyptus that is flourishing We are now working with 30 and 31 degrees see the great amount of bees that has this hive in the second case honey like bees work hard the second box is also full of honey This is a variety of eucalyptus trees It grows in arid areas let’s review a new hive we will review this hive, Alan This hive is ready to harvest 100% honey operculada 100% organic honey bees Honey bees free of chemicals (without medication) all ready to take to the extraction plant All frames are fully operculated They are incredible frames a photo for Beekeeping Without Borders We hope to go on the cover of the new magazine Beekeeping Without Borders Beekeeping Without Borders thanks to Jhonny Rojas, Alan Barranechea and Antonio Rojas for his global contribution to our youtube channel


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