Producing honey with a Flow Hive in Belgium

My name is Leonard Théron. I am a veterinarian, and I live in Belgium, but I grew up in the southern Pacific. I am an amateur beekeeper for a year and a half since I bought the Flow hive. We have already done two harvests, and here we are doing the third one. We bought this property at auction it is 1.5 hectares of bush. The idea was to depend mainly on nature, to harvest the wood, to use nature as a balance. We put sheep to take care of the meadows and goats to clear bush. The hive was relevant because today, we are short on bees, the death-rate is high. Today, we made a video of our harvest. It’s pretty simple. We did exactly as I usually do. Most of the time, bees are quiet and they continue their work while we harvest the honey. It took 15 minutes to harvest 5 Kg. The Flow harvest is a super simple harvest for everyone, but by no means, does it replace learning how to do beekeeping. In Belgium in fact, before having hives, you have to complete a training. which helps to explain how the bee lives Legally it’s required, it’s like an authorization to have bees. The biggest problem when managing bees in winter, is the management of Varroa. Because that’s the first reason why a bee colony can die in winter. What is important with regards to Varroa is not whether we have it or not because it’s almost certain that we have, in any case, here in Belgium, it’s at which moment do I do the treatments, and how do I measure the amount of infection. The presence of bees in our home probably changed part of our view of the world because like all forms of farming when one is used to seeing things grow, from a small one and then seeing it grow and then finally we understand that we depend on them, that is to say – that it is a cycle. Bees do not survive until … they are not immortal. they will die. For the children and for ourselves, it’s very important because it allows us to be in sync with the cycle of nature, that is not just a cartoon or a perfect picture It’s life, death, harvest, interaction with animals. For me, it was really important that my children understand that we can not just … life is not made of just catching the fruits and eating them, we can also, by respecting the animal, have an interaction, harvest something it produces, but at the same time give it comfort and protection against diseases Producing honey at home gives me the same feeling of satisfaction as to produce vegetables or eventually lambs There is something very pure about it. It gives a relationship to nature that is completely different Myself, as a veterinarian passionate about farming, for me, it’s an important step for people of today because between cities and countrysides, people do not know where food comes from or how it is produced etc. Producing your own honey is the first step.

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