Racer Honey From Murray State’s Apiary

Murray, Kentucky just got a little sweeter! The new Murray State apiary was opened on
Pullen Farm over spring break, and the very first jar of Racer honey was auctioned off
at the Hutson Harvest Gala on Thursday. The honey sold for a whopping $250 to alumni
James Jennings. So I am really excited it went for $250 i
was expecting it to go for a $100. I was hoping maybe President Davies would
just put $100 on it because it was the first jar. but I am so glad the Arboretum has supporters
that are willing to go above and beyond and go all the way to $250 just for a quart of
Honey. The bee farm was built by agriculture student
Mackenzie Jones and her family, who donated the wood from their very own farm in Frankfort,
Kentucky. Mackenzie celebrated the opening of the apiary
at the arboretum with a ribbon cutting ceremony alongside her family. Mackenzie Jones a presidential scholar from
Frankfort and her family are here and we were able to cut the ribbon. Even though we have been operating a little
bit we just spun our first honey off the Murray State Apiary. Mackenzie an active member of the Murray 4-H,
started a 4-H bee club over the summer and also helped design an educational bee park
for children, also located at the arboretum. I get the chance to work with the kids and
co lead with a couple of different bee keepers and we are going to get the kids into hives. Hopefully by next spring we are going to work
in a wood shop and build each kid a hive and catch them a swarm or purchase them a package
of bees if we have anyone that will financialy support and so that each kid will have their
own hive at their house. Mackenzie looks forward to expanding the Apiary
and educating the community about Bee Keeping. we have 18 hives and it can hold up to 30
so that is what we are going to be at by the end of next year. we don’t have a lot of honey but we will get
there by next year for sure. Murray State is very appreciative of the support
of MacKenzie’s family and the educational opportunities they have brought to the community. Bee on the look out more Racer Honey.

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