Raising Dairy Goats : Dairy Goats & Healthy Pregnancies

So today, we’re going to talk about how to
keep your does healthy during pregnancy. Once you’ve determined that your does are bred,
you want to give them a generally cushy lifestyle, like you would any pregnant mama. They want
lots of rich, leafy greens, all kinds of rich hay, some grain supplements, maybe a cord
a day, depending on the size of the doe, and the age. And in general, you want to reduce
and eliminate all stress. So, you might prepare, when they’re getting along in pregnancy, might
prepare a private stall for them, and you certainly wouldn’t do any invasive procedures.
You wouldn’t want to trim their hooves while they’re pregnant, and you wouldn’t want them
in with a feisty goat that was competing so much for their food, so you might feed them
separately, to maintain order in the barnyard. The goats do have a pecking order, and unless
you separate the food, the bully of the barnyard is going to get the majority of the food.
In this case, this doe here, this nanny goat got most of the food last winter, but it’s
better to divvy it up along more egalitarian lines. In terms of predicting the birth date,
you can either mark on the calendar five months minus a day or two, if you were really accurate
in noticing her being bred. Or you could begin to just watch for the signs of advancing pregnancy
and imminent labor. And we’ll talk about that in the next section.


  1. I do want to make one point. You still need to trim their feet. You would never trim them after the 3rd month of being pregnant. If you don't it can cause more strain on the pasterns and legs leading to more trouble. More pain, they are laying down more, thus not eatting hay to keep warm and feeding the kids inside her. Plus a lack of exercise leads to Ketiois & or milk fever.

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