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  1. 21:24 Dude ur a lawyer Do u really need more money? ( jk hope u pay your employees that make this channel a lot , i enjoy watching )

  2. Legal Eagle should cover the pigeon murder trial from Blackadder season 4 episode 2:
    Here's the rest of the episode for context:

  3. Objection! At 4:22 you mention that Barry suing the 5 honey corporations doesn't work for different reasons than Barry suing all of humanity, but you fail to mention what those reasons are. Could you go into more detail?

  4. Objection! You should review the case in scorpion season 4 episodes 8-11, mainly episode 11, who let the dogs out(cause now its stuck in a cistern)

  5. So what you’re telling me is that tomorrow if a bunch of bees started talking and showed that there intelligent level to be on par with humans and they decide that we are stealing honey from them that they can’t do anything about it Or that we as humans wouldn’t change things to suit them like in the instance of Barry and the florets helping him as a lawyer because bees would have different laws

    P.s I’m not a over the top animal lover like I’ve killed bugs I eat meat I just believe that in this Instant they would deserve to have all these new and different rights or at least rights similar to ours right away

  6. 9:37 Objection! The proper term is not "sentient", but sapient. Dogs and cats are sentient. "Sentient" merely means able to feel or perceive things. Sapient means able to think and reason. That's why humans are Homo sapiens and not Homo sentiens.

  7. I knew that Bee Movie went against loads of legal knowledge but everything else that was brought up further proved that Bee Movie’s trial has broken many rules.

  8. It's not illegal to gather honey because beekeepers provide protected home where they gather the honey from. Technically the bees are employees that are payed by free homes and food

  9. We need someone like you to defend the rights of YouTube users against greedy companies taking advantage of the Copyright law and making false claims.

  10. Objection: Your usage of the term sentient is used incorrectly. Despite what every TV show ever made would have you believe, sentience is merely the quality of having senses and consciousness. Abilities all animals possess. The word you wanted to use was sapient, the ability to think and reason at higher levels, i.e. self-aware.

  11. So we're just rolling over how he said that one bear was cool for ASSISTING in their case, then used his victory to get all bears denounced and shot?

  12. Your mention of people suing God reminded me of something. Have you considered reviewing the movie "The Man Who Sued God" starring comedian Billy Connolly?

  13. Question: I’m wondering can I sue a publishing company to require all publishers of books to create an audiobook for every book they publish and use the American with disability act. Especially with text books, The school I go to does a good job when it comes to helping me but copy right laws prevent them from making audio version of text books for dyslexic students

  14. Objection! Bees are actually invasive species and snuffed put all of North America’s original pollinators they are not native to North America and were brought over from Britain for cultivation

  15. They can't take honey off of bears! The bees sued humans, not bears! In order to get their property back from another species, they would need to sue this other species.

  16. I love this this guy is professional and smart and made his debate and comments and just made you feel good if i ever need a lawyer ima call you up

  17. Objection 2:15

    Or inquiry rather. My mother is a hair stylist. Before getting her own business, she worked for a chain. When she left, the chain sued her for taking customers with her. She didn't solicit them…they just asked where she went and followed.

    My mother end up winning the suit …(which is why I assume some chains don't let hairstylists used their real names.)

    Point is, she didn't hire a lawyer…she represented herself and got help from my Grandmother, (who is not a lawyer) who looked up a few cases and help her draft a statement. Are you telling me that's illegal?

  18. You cant get god in court cause he isnt real. Now way I just heard this dude say god doesnt have an address instead of saying the logical truth

  19. PS… I absolutely LOVE IT when you review kids movies and give your lawyer objections and reasoning in rapid fire one after another. That's some of the funniest stuff! Great videos btw! Keep em coming! 🙂

  20. Objection: You are assuming human laws to wildlife in which livestock law/ESA would take effect. Under the ESA, the hive would be under protection which could push for CERCLA or the Clean water Act.

    Also should this not be under federal not state?

    Also should the Jurys not have bees including with humans?

  21. Even if I grant that it's wrong to exploit other animals for resources for the sake of argument, I've always found moral objections to harvesting honey from bees ridiculous. Bees consent (if you can call it that) to the keeper taking their excess honey in exchange for a really nice, protected place to live and food the beekeeper provides when food isn't naturally available. The bees are free to leave whenever they want and there's not really anything the beekeeper can do to stop them aside from making his brood boxes a place they want to stay. It's probably the most unambiguous human/non-human partnerships in agriculture. Apparently beekeepers do kill queens and replace them once in a while if they're not reproducing properly, but given that bees do this themselves anyway because queens are basically a hive's reproduction machines rather than royalty, I'm guessing the hive as a whole sees that more as a feature than a bug. When you're dealing with a hive species you have to think about what the hive wants rather than the individuals because that's how hives work.

  22. One thing you missed, unless im misunderstanding from watching your other videos, but didnt the bee give an actual correct opening statement, in which instead of making an argument like almost all the other things youve reviewed, he said what he was setting out to prove?

  23. 21:07 Objection! Bumblebees are adorable, fuzzy little things and don't spend so much time in the uncanny valley in real life.

  24. "You can't sue God. God doesn't have a fixed address, you can't notify God…"

    … He doesn't exist… he's fictional… LOL

  25. Objection! A woman in Indiana WON her lawsuit against God, because, and I quote "The defendant failed to appear in court".

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