Recipe of the Day: Ina’s 5-Star Garlic Roasted Potatoes | Food Network


  1. I used this ‘recipe’ but altered it by putting the chopped potatoes in a freezer bag along with the oil, salt, pepper and garlic and I shook it and put it in the fridge for an hour before baking and it was sooooo good !!😍

  2. Infuse olive oil with thyme and garlic. Strain the thyme and garlic and set aside. Coat potatoes with the olive oil and roast. Add the reserved thyme and garlic the last 5 minutes. This will keep the garlic from over cooking and becoming bitter.

  3. When I do this recipe the garlic always burns too much and becomes bitter…I have better luck just roasting whole cloves of garlic

  4. God bless you!
    I’d love some wine. That’d be fabulous. 💜
    i tried this and they were not fork tender after 30 mins

  5. Watched an episode Years ago with my son when he was like3 she was getting ready for a party…. it went to a commercial when it came back on she was in a bubble bath … l was like what the heck happened …funniest thing ever … never seen that episode again . LOL

  6. Hey! That's the type of potatoes that i cook on my stove to make them crispy to make my eggs with in the morning lol

  7. Made the recipe, garlic becomes bitter after it burns in a 400*f oven for half hour, duh. I knew this would happen before makin the recipe giving the cook the benefit of the doubt, thinking perhaps the bitterness lends itself to the potatoes or maybe there was something I might not know. It's not overwhelming but if you get a bit of garlic with your potato, it's a bit off putting.

  8. Its sad when the FOOD NETWORK has way less subscribers then random people with their own channel that cook that has never even been to culinary school. People like diversity and personality

  9. Doesn't look tasty. May be if you are in a hurry you can make this.
    The best recipe for roasted potatoes is one I found on Foodlab channel

  10. Ina is still my favorite Food Network chef. She's makes cooking elegant food look so effortless. When I think of Ina, I think of class. 😁

  11. I stopped straight baking them so the garlic doesn't burn. Boil them first for a bit and I use chopped garlic in oil for baking. It's easier and way better for most stuff cause it's milder. You can bump up the garlic taste without the sharpness. Some garlic powder too, gives you another layer and again lets you get lots of garlic flavour but still keep it mild. Paprika, I don't know why. I put it on everything. And I love it with roast potatoes. Dry herbs, tossed with fresh when they come out the oven. Something like that.

  12. I’m 12 cooking since 10 and i making potatoes right now since my sister don’t know how for my whole family

  13. I'm a bit confused, as I tried this recipe at home, but the potatoes weren't cooked nearly enough after 30 minutes (at 400 degrees). I notice she said to cook it for 30 minutes in the video, but in the description it says 45 min – 1hr.

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