Relationship Dating Techniques : How to Cultivate Love

Well, it’s been said that love is a very splendored
thing, but how do you cultivate love? This is Dr. Paul, author of Boomer Girls, A Boomer
Women’s Guide to Men and Dating and host of Ask Dr. Paul. Cultivating love is not too
different from cultivating a field. You’ve got to feed it. And how is the best way to
feed and cultivate that love relationship? It’s by having sincerity, number one, and
by doing different things together. And I mean, together is how you cultivate love because
what is cultivating love all about? It’s about bonding. Now, in Europe, it’s far more common
for men to go shopping with their wives, girlfriends, or whatever, as opposed to in the United States.
Honey, you go shopping, and I’ll watch the football game at the…at the club or whatever,
okay?” This is not the way you cultivate love. You cultivate love by being together — by
bonding. It’s a process; it’s not a singular event. You can’t do it once and then not do
it. It’s something that evolves. I don’t care if you do the dishes together. I don’t care
if you watch TV together, if you watch different shows, you go to the park — whatever it is.
It’s a bonding thing. Do it together. That’s how you cultivate. You cannot leave it alone.
It has to be there for you…for both of you, all right? This is Dr. Paul. May your fantasies
of today be your realities of tomorrow.

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