Resident Voices: Health and financial benefits of energy efficiency at Crossroad Gardens Apartments

Mercy Housing really helps residents to feel comfortable and
supported in their housing. This is the mission of
what we’re trying to do, transforming the community
and making people feel safe and set the standard of what
housing should look like. I practically know everybody
at this property by name. I take pride in my work. I treat it just like I live here. I’m very, very proud of the rehab. When you drive up to this property now, you’re like – your mouth kinda drops, because it is an excellent property. Residents here at Crossroad pay for their own utilities and gas. So the solar panels have really
been a blessing to them. It’s exciting to have a lower bill. I’m on a fixed income. With the upgrade, everything seems like it’s a little bit lower and it helps out a lot
because you don’t pay out as much money as you be
paying at it before. That’s the energy bill right there. – He know where he got all this stuff. – See this one here is $10. – Whew, I wish mine was that low. I gotta keep my stuff off and
be sweating in there (laughs). It’s about 100 degrees outside. You don’t have to even worry about it. You can just sit back
and watch TV or whatever and the AC, you know, it comes on by itself
and goes off by itself. It’s 100% better than it was before. Each resident has their own individual HVAC and hot water heaters. These units are very top of the line. I mean, I’m very
impressed with the way they run and the way they sound. It’s funny how changing of a light bulb, it puts us in a mindset that you’re worrying
about the environment. And you don’t even know you’re doing it, but you’re like, you look up and you say, “Oh, these lights are saving energy.” When they didn’t have the
window sealed as proper as they have now, the
air would be on longer. Now, give me about five
or 10 or 15 minutes, I have the air, I’ll turn it off because it gets cold. And so I’m using less, less energy. It’s just enough to where you can say, you know, “I saved $20.” And $20 every month can really stretch. This is the mission of
what we’re trying to do. And think residents having the upgrades kind of helps them feel that. It shows them that we
value you as a resident, so we’re gonna help provide you resources to take ownership of your community. This is for you. Let’s help organize it together. Let’s help build it together. For some reason, it all starts at home. Housing has a lot to do with
a lot of people’s mental state and their health. When you hear it come
from your primary doctor, he asks you, “How is your home?” And I say, “You know
what, I have a good home.” You don’t have to have money
to save the environment. Our planet belongs to everybody and we’re all responsible for it.

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