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The RHS vision is to enrich everyone’s
life through plants and make the UK a greener and more
beautiful place. We have undertaken scientific research for over 200 years and have over a million objects within our collections. Here are some of the people that look after them. This is Tivvy the Keeper of the Herbarium. So at the RHS we collect plants to safeguard horticulture, not only in the UK but also around the world we collect specimens we
dry them, we press them, we mount them onto pieces of paper and then we store
them in our cabinets and they’ll be there forevermore. So the collection is housed in the Laboratory here at Wisley and this was
state-of-the-art when it was built a hundred years ago in 1916 so the
collection is currently bursting at the seams it was only built for about 70,000
specimens and we’re already at 86,000 so with our ambition of
getting to four hundred thousand specimens we really, really do need a new
building we can only do this with your help and generous support the
collections contain over a hundred The collections contain over a 100,000 books 30,000 botanical artworks around a quarter of a million around a quarter of a million photographs of plants and gardens. One of the challenges we face is that our unique collection is very vulnerable
and fragile. Our collections are not just about supporting cutting-edge modern
research they’re also really valuable for mapping how gardening has changed
over the last 500 years. so everything So everything from garden design through to how we
handle pests and diseases and what plants were growing and how our
collections are unique resource for seeing how and why we garden the way we garden today. the old laboratory at The old Laboratory at Wisley is a lovely building to be in
but it’s not ideal for care of our collections. So we’re really thrilled at
the prospect of moving to a brand new purpose-built home where we can share
the collection and look after it properly. We can only do this with your
help and generous support. As the climate continues to change and
populations continue to rise the need for us to research in this area is
increasingly growing and in this building that’s over 100 years old the
capacity for us to grow our research in this area is becoming increasingly
limited. the new national center for The New National Centre for Horticultural Science and Learning will allow us to carry out our groundbreaking research to support communities and
their urgent need to adapt to climate change. Visitors will be able to see how our horticultural science impacts on
everyday lives and we will be able to share the joy and excitement that comes
from connecting with nature. we can only We can only do this with your help and generous support We have over 22,000 specimens in our collection the collection has been
built up for more than 90 years and largely includes UK native insects many
of our 22,000 specimens were collected here at Wisley providing a physical
record of biodiversity from the garden. We need to act now and use our research
to manage the pests and diseases that affect us all. We can only do this with
your help and generous support. The diverse collections here at Wisley is so important in helping us understand manage pests and disease problems that
may be facing UK gardeners, the knowledge and understanding of this science work
isn’t just for the gardens at Wisley but for all UK gardeners that’s why the
new facilities that are planned here are so important We can only do this with your help and generous support. The New National Centre for Horticultural
Science and Learning will help us safeguard our collections by moving them
from their 100 year old home into new state-of-the-art space this Center
will also train the next generation of horticulturists and horticultural
scientists and enable us to anatec new scientific research so that we can build
a better and greener future [MUSIC]


  1. Wonderful! but why are you only appealing to UK residents for donations and support? You posted here on youtube so you have an international audience (I am in Australia). Many of us will view your gardens online and should be able to view selected items from your collection, via youtube, as well. You could create some videos of items from the collections and post them here on yt. That would delight international gardeners like me and motivate us to support your efforts. 🙂 What do others reading this think?

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