RT Life – Let’s Play Live Busch Gardens Adventure

Gavin: We’re at Busch Gardens. Gavin: I know you didn’t ask me but I decided to… let you know. Fan: Oh, hi! Jack: Nice shirt! Bethany: She’s so scared! Cameraperson: You’re going to be alright, you’re going to be alright Bethany: I mean you might die but that’s OK. Cameraperson: Bye! Cameraperson: How was it? Bethamy: That was so fun! I think we all felt something wet. I think someone spit. Jack: That was so good! That was so good! Jeremy: I was at the top of the thing going, ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE!’ Cameraperson: Did you like it? Did you like it? Elyse: That was pretty awesome. Bethany: I think they’re having an orgy. Bruce: Oh, oh yeah they are! Meerkat ménage! Bruce: Look at them! They’re fighting it out! They’re fightin’! Bethany: They want to have sex! Bruce: How do you know they WANT to have sex? Bethany: They do. Michael: They’re cleaning each other! Now they’re biting each other. Bruce: Weird. Bethany: Now we can have sex. Worker: Do you guys want a peanut or a cheese before we get started? Jack: Sorry? Worker: A peanut or a cheese. Gavin: We just get one? Jack: I guess a cheese. Cameraperson: You’re already a winner! Jack: Good luck, Gavin. Gavin: Alright. Cameraperson: You have so many left. So many left. Gavin: Let me know when I nail it. Michael: That thing has been taking kids’ money for a hundred years. Gavin: I personally have been rinsed for at least 60 quid in my life over that bullsh- *BELL RINGS* Bethany: Noooo! Jack: Oh God! Oh what have you done?! Cameraperson: What did you pick, Lindsay? Lindsay: Ooh, I’ll take the neon! Bright and fun! Cameraperson: Good choice, good choice. I like it. Michael: Holy shit is it hot and humid in Tampa. Michael: 1 PM, haven’t eaten. Didn’t have anything to drink. I’m sick. Michael: So in the most pathetic fashion ever, I had to lay down and call for a medic and be escorted in a wheelchair. Michael: To the medical center while my pregnant wife walked next to me as the medic pushed me in a wheelchair. Michael: So now here I am taking my nap. I’m apparently an 89 year old man. James: You missed a couple of real fuckers of rides. This one goes straight goddamn… Jeremy: Hey! I got another shot of jäger. Jeremy: Hey, here’s to Busch Gardens, everyone! Jack: To Michael’s memory. Jeremy: To the memory of Michael Jones. May he… may he rest in peace. Jack: It was fun. Thank you, Florida!


  1. I like Gavin's method of playing the odds there, just chuck ALL the rings at the same time and statistically something has to land! Unfortunately, these things never pan out the way you expect!

  2. When I was 7 I won that bullshit ring toss game and then we had to carry around a 4 foot tall giant ass teddy bear the entire time we were at the theme park & it was so horrible

  3. funny how I was born in tampa fl and then I had to move to Indiana. i wanted to meet them 🙁

  4. Of course Jack is that one guy who poses for the camera, such a wacky character. Wacky wacky wacky.

  5. How beautiful! They are normal people! See, this is them during their real lives so now we can be friends!

  6. If you haven't had anything to eat or drink why didn't you do that at the park? They have plenty of both. Aha

  7. dude this is so cool to see, i used to live in tampa so i would go to busch gardens all the time!! my fave place

  8. Not surprising that Michael got heat exhaustion, it was like 100+ in the sun over in Tampa the past week or two. The humidity is killer here since sweat doesnt evaporate to cool you as easily as it does in other places.

  9. Damn, i live 30 minutes away from this park and it would have been sooo damn great to have run into them D:

  10. Tampa is pretty humid. I lived here my entire life (Florida) so I am used to the heat but you have to drink water. They give out free ice water if you ask.

  11. Busch Gardens is fantastic it's like Disney world but every ten feet there's a dude selling beer out of a canoe filled with ice

  12. I went to high school near Tampa, and would always get a season pass to Busch Gardens. Awesome seeing them go to this place.

  13. Noooo. I'm crying because I was at bush gardens the day after so I missed my chance to meet my favorite people ever and honestly my heroes. Life hates me D,X

  14. "While my pregnant wife walked next to me." i can only imagine rhat when the medics arrived they assumed it was for the very pregnant woman but noooppppeeee

  15. I grew up in Orlando so I find it hilarious that Micheal had that happen cause it happens at all the theme parks literally everyday

  16. Maybe if Michael didn't where jeans 24/7 he wouldn't of gotten heat stroke
    (I bet he works out in jeans too)

  17. Gavin's face in the first photo (of him) haha I've heard so much about this place. It does look fun. Right, this was the story Michael said on Off Topic!

  18. Who's here after the latest AHWU? Shoutout to that savage champ who went to this exact spot, drew a picture of Michael and chucked it on there 😂

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