Save the Bees

Bees are a keystone species for biological diversity,
specifically because of their role as pollinators. [Klaus Maresch – Beekeeper,
German Beekeepers Association] The bee-bloom partnership is ancient. There are about 19,000 species of bees worldwide,
which are responsible for some 180,000 plant species. For example, rapeseed needs bees to be pollinated,
fruit flowers need bees … and indeed, in places where bees have
vanished, biological diversity is decreasing. We beekeepers have been fleeing with our
bees from agriculture, that’s just a fact. I don’t have a single apiary in “regular”
agricultural zones, whether that be orchards, grains, wheat, or anything else.
In those areas, pesticides are being used, which are absolutely lethal for our bees. One thing is certain: As bees decline, so does their
pollination function, and this would cause economic losses for humans. [Dr. Matthias Schindler – University of Bonn,
Department of Animal Ecology] But many wild plant species
would also no longer be able to reproduce, if they were no longer pollinated. And that
would have an enormous impact on the ecosystem. It should start in kindergarten,
this is very important. Right now, I’m holding a bumblebee … that for example the kids take a mason bee in
their hands, so they lose their fear of bees, because the subject of bees
is always connected to fear. It’s stinging me right now. But that’s not so bad. I’m was able to pull the stinger out,
and save the bee. We have to change our dietary habits a bit.
For example, you could buy regional, organic. It shouldn’t be the case, that we can just buy the cheapest
possible food around the clock at discount supermarkets. Rather, we have to be more conscious in our purchasing
habits, and produce food in a more aware, more fair way. Fair for the environment, and
not at the cost of future generations.


  1. Monsanto is behind it, in one hand they created viruses and toxics in the other hand they invented a new kind of drone-bee to polynizate wich has to be bouth to them…it's obvious than without natural polinisations of bees it would make humanity slave to monsanto robot-bees and GMO

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