School Kids Harvest Honeycomb & Honey from their Hybrid Flow Hive

(playful music) – It’s fun and you get to
do activities like this, like collect honey, break open the hive. – It definitely tastes different to the one that we have at home. The honey tastes better when it’s just been taken out of the hive. – We’re here at Upper
Main Arm Public School. We’ve got a traditional
flow hive directly behind me with a hybrid on top and the hybrid is wonderful ’cause it lets the kids
get the fresh honeycomb out and the second hive behind there the kids saved up for and I think they saved nearly $1,000 and the honey that they get they’re using as a fundraiser. We’re always comparing the tastes from the different flow frames, so they’re saying this one’s really light, this one’s a much darker honey and you notice that some kids really like the darker honey and other kids will really
love the lighter honey. You know, it’s all that beauty in actually how different
things are in nature, and nothing’s actually a single this is honey and this is how it is. When it comes from the
supermarket it’s always the same, so we blend it to make it taste the same, whereas here, you know, you
could be harvesting two jars at the same time with a
completely different flavour and I think for kids to
get that understanding that that’s the way life works, you know, things are different, things are not always the same. – This one is a lot yummier. It’s got like a more
strong and sweet taste and it feels more fresh. – There’s so much honey in this one. (student mumbles) – [Children] Oh. – What’s really interesting is the way that the kids take to it, like even though they know
that they could get stung and there’s a real risk of, you know, the pain of a bee sting, they’re actually just totally into it and they just love getting
up close with the bees and working with them. They all want to get in
and actually see the brood and look for the queen one day. I think that’s something
they really enjoy. They’re actually kind
of taking on the role of the beekeeper, not
just a honey gatherer, and so I think that’s
breaking that whole fear around having bees, and like most animals actually learning that if you treat them with respect and you understand how they work, they won’t actually be
aggressive towards you. – Bees to the environment
is good food for us and it helps our body and also the flowers and
other types of plants. It’s just really enjoyable and it’s a good fundraiser for the school. – They love it. They’re enjoying it immensely, so they probably have
another two beehives here by the next year or two.


  1. Can you get a normal box then a hybrid then a normal flow on top? Is so what sizing would everything be if you sell a hybrid that is the same size as a something size frame

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