School of Agriculture and Forestry

Classes on South Campus are unique
because the classes are small and you get to know everybody a lot better.
The professors are a lot more than just professors; they make sure you know
you’re stay on track and you’re doing the best thing possible for your future
career. I have gotten an incredible amount of opportunities that I am really thankful for and I’ve learned a lot from everything from transplanting little vegetable
seedlings to trimming poinsettias. I have really learned a lot . That small-town atmosphere that you get here you just something everywhere else, so I think
that that plays in between your GPA because when you feel more loved, you’re getting that extra that you’re not getting everywhere else. South Campus is really homey. It
feels very family-oriented. Everyone’s very caring and just wants you to succeed the most. The real-world application is a really
really big thing in south campus. You really learn hands-on. I love showing people the arboretum and the huge indoor greenhouse that we have. You
just walk them through in they’re like, “What is this?” And I’m like, this is what we do. This is my classroom. And this is my classroom. And this is my classroom.

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