Science of Agriculture Challenge: Nicollet County on public perception of GMOs

We are the Nicollet County SOAR team and we are studying how to educate the public better about GMOs vs organic and how they are both safe for consumers. We will be doing a GMO test we learned about at the local company we toured and they taught us about the test. Before we go into the test I’m going to talk a little bit
more about your project. As Bethany said before our goal is to educate the public on
GMO and non-GMO crop food and part of the research we did. We used a design called correlation so we went out a survey to people and we asked them questions about GMOs and how like to be educated on GMOs and now we’re going to take that
information from the survey and put the ideas that people had into practice and hopefully educate the public about GMOs. So to help us better understand GMOs and
non-GMOs and educate the public we’re going to research both GMOs and
non-GMOs, the science that goes into the crops, how they affect farmers, the safety for the consumers, and the benefits it has for farmers and the public. Now for the testing kit we will be testing corn to see if it has Roundup or Liberty, which are chemicals
are used in farming. We will use equal parts ground corn and water. And the corn is from a dairy farm that we think has GMOs in it. So once you add the corn and the water, you will stir if for a minute, put a test strip in, and let it sit for five minutes after you’ve taken out the top water. Once the test strip has sat in the mixture there’ll be a line on the test strip to say if it contains Roundup or Liberty and how much it contains. We’ll be able to tell on the test strip So to put this in a practical perspective, at the grain milling company we visited all of
their food there was organic so they use this test as a quick test to see if it has any Round Up or Liberty that would indicate the crop was not organic. This is how they use this test and then I think they had more extensive tests to see if it was really organic food, And if you want to see the results of this test you’ll have to listen to our presentation in June.

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