Sean Penn – Following His Muse with “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” | The Daily Show


  1. If a man can't be sensitive toward his family/spouse there is very little chance of him being sensitive toward humanity in general. They usually exist together. Trump did not fall in love.. He cheated on his wife who had just given birth to their son a few months earlier. Just for a romp with a porn star.

  2. I liked Sean Penn until the quote from the book at 3:09 the letter Bob Honey write President Landlord, now I LOVE him! …Tweet ME BITCH!! I'm definitely buying this shit

  3. Sean Penn knows nothing about Venezuela. It´s easy to visit a country for a few days, with tons of money, staying in the most expensive hotels, with private security, and became an expert!! This is hell, and it has been hell for a long time.

  4. “We need a president with sensitivity to the planet and humanity first.” Yes and Trump is far from it.

  5. I feel like Sean was holding back tears for the duration of that interview…. I'm worried about the ole boy!

  6. It's hard for me to hear this guy talk about the fragility of democracy and how the world is getting infatuated with fascism when he supported the most evil and fascist dictator Latin America has had in recent decades. I know he's a good actor, but I hate the way he took advantage of my people's suffering. I especially hated it when he spoke about the people in Haiti, it showed me how phony he is, because while he was having a good time with Hugo Chávez Frías, many Venezuelans died in the name of democracy. When he talked about democracy, I felt humiliated.
    I want to let one thing clear for the few people who read this, I wrote all of the above before Trevor asked about Venezuela. And every word Mr. Penn said is ridiculous, he's just repeating what Chávez wanted everyone to believe so that he could remain elected for ever. His death was one of the few times cáncer saved more lives than it killed. Do not let this guy fool you, Chavez is responsible for many, many dead and political prisoners here in my country.
    I'm sorry but I can't forget or forgive someone who supported the man who destroyed my country and the fact that he blames Maduro saying that Chávez had good intentions makes things even worse because everything was bad even when Chavez was alive.
    P.S. Obviously you are going to defend a friend who supports you with millions, and that was what happened between Chavez and Penn, meanwhile people in Venezuela was dying by thousands. I wonder if he thinks about the money he took from us and feel the need to give it back when he sees the starving venezuelan kids living in the streets, probably not.

  7. Goddamn, just the first few minutes of this was mind-blowingly amazing. He can look like a disheveled homeless man at times but Sean Penn has the insight of one of the greats.

  8. Sean Penn is a demagogue and an opportunist at best… he pandered to the Venezuelan dictatorship for dirty corrupt financing and by doing so he effectively added a layer of legitimacy to the autocrats at power.

  9. come on, Chavez daughter is the richest woman in south america, he could be his friend, but as a president he was a fraud, he destroyed the economy and atacked anyone who was against him, he became a dictator by forcing and molding the democratic institutions of venezuela

  10. Sean Penn is an aware, purposeful, and an intelligent individual, whom is a true citizen of this planet. Keep fighting the good fight.

  11. What a disgraceful man. It hurts me and upsets me so much to see someone saying that "Chavez was my friend" after living/seeing the fucking disaster and damage he has done, for me, my family and my friends. And all that bullshit that he "cared" is just that, fucking bullshit. You can study, you can see all the interviews over the years lying with no shame to all the people. Did he cared about the poor? Yes, finally someone addresse the people living in horrible conditions. Did he improve their lives? Maybe with hope, because now everyone is even poorest. It seems like his idea was to make the poor hate "the rich" (while he weared rolex and expensive suites, getting fat over the years) just because that's what some wants to hear.

  12. Brilliant interview. Sean Penn has been a man of mission for along time now, one of my personal heroes from his efforts. I agree with him so much, and I wish more people could listen to the reality Sean has seen.

  13. Sean Penn has been and always will be one of my favorite actors. Dead Man Walking and Mystic River were 2 movies that solidified Sean Penn as one of the great ones!

  14. I must missspeak him what he said about the berlin wall is wrong it got not destroyed because the poeple wanted to live like americans, that is crazy too think!!!

  15. Trevor, Sean Penn is full of bs about Chávez and Venezuela and Maduro. "Very pleasant and very nice…". I'll tell you what is not pleasant nor nice: cuts of power, shortage of food and medicines, shortage of running water every day in every city. Supermarkets racks totally empty. Hyperinflation.

  16. Why provide alcohol to your guests before interview? Don't let them drink before, drink after interview. 🍻 mucha taquila Sean?

  17. This is my favorite actor by far. He has always impressed me with his intelligence as a highly developed actor. Everything he makes I fall in love with. But when he speaks frankly…..I’m in awe. Totally buying the physical book.

  18. Sean Penn: typical unwilling bisexual. Angry that the public is going to find out that he sucked cock and took it up the ass to be famous. It could be he's not tight anymore and the jig is up in Homowood. Hell, look at the stretch marks around his mouth!

  19. Sean Penn walked in Baghdad streets alone in the early 90 ,s , what a brave and inspiring human being.

  20. Def don't want to be like US.
    Now many are looking at the European way, especially with mr. Orange Tweet as y'all president which, through election, really showed what US still is.

  21. Interesting … ! …. even if Chavez was a good friend of Penn , he still was a dictator too. By the way, Sean Penn look dreadful … What’s going on Sean ?

  22. As a Southamerican I ask … WHY the fuck is Sean Penn being asked about his opinion on the situation of a region he is zero familiar with. I clearly see a pattern in this man of someone who just likes to be seen with or as a "friend" of controversial people (in my opinion criminals) just to seek attention. In reality, he knows nothing.

  23. Many New York Times readers, snobs, "sophisticated" individuals harshly criticizing Sean Penn for this book. I believe they are just jealous of such accomplished, smart, and adventurous man. One of the most impressive, possibly dangerous was to interview a Mexican cartel Capo, called El Chapo.

  24. 2018 must be the best year of Trevor Noah’s show because of the guests of his show, T. Berry. Kareem Abdul jabar, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Lupita et, that’s why Mr Stewart trusted you to replace him…. well done and congrats Mr Noah

  25. Sean Penn and People like him with Reason , Compassion and Humanity are much needed to motivate society to seek truth , change and progress. So just to be hopefull ! The doomsday mindset Volks are lost and have lost their minds out of fear anyway…

  26. Such a cunt of a man.As for noah another opportunist who came to America to pay fewer taxes and talk shit..You boy, are gonna get yours soon too.You'll ne off air next yr..After November when we wipe our asses with you freaks. The need for your shit will have expired..Time to be thrown away…Penn is a Jim Carrey follower right into madness.Look at that tired worn out face..He doesn't sleep much obviously and he stays up smoking crack.Its all over his aged rotten face.He gets thru life with drugs.It's so obvious…Noahs not an interviewer he's following his command like a good little colored boy..That's his purpose, he's meant to look credible and make guests comfy that are on the same side.Thing is noah is on the side of whoever assigns his paychecks.Id say that's soros who else? All the clapping and screaming come from this audience of fools..You're so small in percentage to the rest of us.Blame Trump for everything..Penn stfu!!! The darkest nature he refers to is himself.He's delving so deep into his own thought's he's being driven to madness!! He'll croak within a yr or two with any luck at all…

  27. He helped people in Haïti? BULLSH*T, He came and get pictured there, stupid, stupid men. Edit: NO dumb-ass, more people died in Venezuela because they HAVE NO FOOD OR MEDICATION than in Syria, nothing to do with Chapo and people getting killed in Mexico. This guy is such a joke, speaking non-sens for 15 minutes, he dosen't care about democraty and pretend to do things HE NEVER DONE, and the other clown is a TRUE kneepad. The TRUE master of the 21th century is China, they shape Asia, Africa (they bought land and people there) and Europe. USA is just a shit-hole of stupid people like those 2 clowns.

  28. Sean is right on many points, 28% of Americans with passports, very isolated, and monoculture news is not helping, but hurting the country and US leadership….

  29. I had no idea who Sean Penn was beyond the entertainment industry. This is quite remarkable. Truly interesting conversation, with great questions from Trevor as well.

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