Secret Honey x Disney COLLAB! Princess Outfits Showcase

Hello, welcome back to my channel Today’s video is a lookbook, or showcase of the gorgeous gowns of Disney princesses! Secret Honey is a Japanese fashion brand that collabs with Disney every year and releases exquisite princess costumes So I wanted to share with you what I got from their 2017 collection Again, brand name is Secret Honey, here’s their website If you are interested, you can use Tenso or ask a shopping service By the way, this video is so very NOT sponsored I mean, I wish; you know how much all these cost, right? Lastly, all these beautiful, detailed, delicate, gorgeous Disney princess gowns I bought them as part of my Disney collection They are official costumes, 100% true to the character But today I’m not wearing them as cosplay I’ll do my own Disney inspired hair and makeup So I guess, it’s more like “If I were a Disney princess,” “how would I look like?” I grew up watching Disney films becoming my favorite princesses is a dream come true Alright, so Tiana Since you are already on set, let’s begin with you! Tiana is fromShe’s the first black princess in Disney history The story is set in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1920s and the film features many elements of black culture, including jazz music That’s part of why I love the film so much Tiana dreams of opening a restaurant In order to buy her own place she works several shifts everyday This yellow outfit is one of her waitress uniform Next is Jasmine, fromShe’s the only princess that wears pants, haha But her outfit is no less gorgeous A typical Disney princess is pretty and doesn’t know she’s pretty but Jasmine is pretty and she knows it hell, she even takes advantage of that! But I think this is what makes her real and charming Merida fromis the only princess that I identify with just from looking at the poster Why? Because we both have unruly hair Next are two outfits from, which was very popular thanks to the live action movie They released so many outfits too This one is the live action version It’s the one Belle wore in the snow (And of course, her signature yellow gown from the original animated film) (The dress is named “Tale as Old as Time” Next is Elsa’s green dress fromIt’s decorated with rhinestones all over Lastly, if you have to name one Disney princess Cinderella would probably be the answer for a lot of us That’s all eight outfits from Secret Honey x Disney’s 2017 Halloween collection I hope you enjoyed it! Please like and subscribe if you’d like to see my 2016’s collection Thanks for watching, see you next time! Behind the Scene


  1. Secret Honey is an amazing brand. Their dresses looks really similar to the animated ones while being really gorgeous ( and it's not easy to do). Also they add small charming details ( design in the fabric, little embroidery ) which makes it even better. Your video was a little bit of a dream they brought us.

  2. Have you worn these to Disney during Halloween? I'm not sure about Disney in other countries, but you can dress up as characters at Tokyo Disney during the month of October, and people really go all out! Last time I went I saw quite a few people in what looked like some of Secret Honey's releases. I suppose you can't go on many rides in the really big dresses, but I think it would still be fun seeing everyone's outfits and taking some photos in the park ^^

  3. Xiaoyu! <3 YOU are my favourite princess. Why are you so perfect? (And how many Disney Secret Honey dresses do you have? Hahaha!)

  4. wah!!! so pretty! my favorite was cinderella. i'm really interested in seeing a wardrobe tour since i'm more of a classic lolita too. it would be cool to see ur lolita coords and acessories. i love ur videos!!! ♡♡♡

  5. Oh wow, these dresses are stunning. I'm to do more disney and cosplay content over on my channel so I need these! X

  6. I love the Cinderella dress!! Love that they made it a silver blue like the movie rather than the sky blue it is in the advertisements and dolls. I now want that dress!! So beautiful!

  7. Yaaaas!! I’d love to see more of your collection!! I currently have 7 of their dresses! I love this video and definitely want to see more! 😊

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