Hello Friends! In Today’s episode, we will investigate
the effect of Magnetism on Seed germination and plant growth. Surprising Results of this gardening experiment
will be shown at the end of the video. Coming up. Any gardener or farmer desires for faster,
better and bigger plants with higher yields. The information gained from this experiment,
may be used to help gardeners achieve a great success in gardening and farming. In our previous episode we investigated the
effect of electricity on seed germination and plant growth. You can watch that episode from and end screen
link at the end of this video. In this experiment we will investigate the
effect of magnetism on seed germination and plant growth and evaluate the results on Day
4, Day 6, Day 8 and so on. Even this experiment can be a very good school
project for kids. Now, Lets start with hypothesis which states:
“Seeds germinate faster and plant grow faster and stronger in the presence of magnetic field
in the soil.” MATERIALS & METHODS
– 3 plastic Containers – Strong Magnets
– Identical Potting Mix for all 3 containers – 3 Identical Seeds
– A Ruler or a Measuring Tape. The constants in this study are:
– The Potting Mix – The Water plant receives
– The Location / Light the Plant receives – The Seeds. PROCEDURE
1. Label the 3 Containers as A, B, and C. Pot
C will be the Control for the experiment. 2. Fill the 3 containers with the identical potting
mix. 3. In pot A place a permanent magnet in the center
with the magnetic field is narrow and stronger. 4. In Pot B, insert multiple bar magnets around
the container preferably with the same polarity facing the plant, so as to create uniform
magnetic field. You can determine the Polarity of the Magnets
using a Compass needle if you have one. 5. Plant 3 identical seeds into all three containers. Pot A will receive the strongest magnetic
field. 6. Water all the 3 containers with the same amount
of water. 7. Place the 3 containers at the same location
– like on a window sil. RESULTS
On Day 4. You can clearly see the Seed in Container
A which received the highest magnetic field has germinated and there are no signs of sprouting
in B and C. On Day 5. The Seed in Pot B with a weaker magnetic field
also has germinated. No result yet in pot C. Pot A there is further
growth and a nice little shoot has begun. On Day 6. Germination has begun in the Control Pot too
without any magnetic field. The Pots A and B show more growth. On Day 8. This hypothesis is getting proved. Plant in Pot A is the tallest, Next come Pot
B and lastly Pot C. Conclusion: The results of the experiment
clearly prove that magnetic field has a strong effect on the rate of seed germination and
plant growth. You can see the roots are stronger and much
widespread in A and B. Now, The question here is how do magnets affect
plant growth? Please comment below with your feedback and
ideas. Please gimme a thumbs up if you found this
video helpful. Share this video with your gardener friends
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