Seeing modern agriculture in a new light

My name is Jayshri Sabarinathan I’m an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Western University. My area of research is a novel photonics sensors and in miniature remote sensing instrumentation for a variety of applications from precision agriculture, environmental sensing and potentially biomedical applications as well. What I find very interesting is to look at the physical world and find ways to monitor and collect data from different points That has always interested me to figure out what’s going on in different world. From temperature monitoring, humidity all those things are interesting. Although those things seem very normal but try to do it across a very wide landscape and that’s a very different story. I’m very excited about the collaboration we have with the London, Ontario based company in Canada who are experts in precision agriculture. We are developing a multi-spectral camera with enhanced capabilities, which will allow the company to provide accurate data to their clients which are the farmers This is very important because farmers then use this data to accurately predict what the nutrient uptake is and therefore provide only the right level of nutrients to crops and also understand where the disease happens. Particularly in a green house environment where diseases move very fast and it’s very important to know accurately and in real-time where this is occurring. Multi-spectral cameras are typically flown on UAV devices and they can also be mounted on robots in green houses. This is two different environments in which these multi-spectral camera can be used to obtain the information from crops. CMC Microsystems is essential in all research activities in my group. They provide the environment all the way from CAD tools for design to fabrication expertise and also testing equipment for testing of the sensors and imagers In addition, the students have access to training and their expertise while being on this project So what CMC Microsystems really allows us to do is take what we do in the lab to the next level to practical real projects in the industry The exciting part of my research is actually working with the team of students which are constantly going from the initial part where they learn how to do the research producing results that are novel and new and never done before, every two to four years.

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