SF Supervisor Wants City To Be More Bee Friendly

RATE. KPIX FIVE’S EMILY TURNER SHOWS US THE PLAN TO HELP SAVE SOME OF THE CITY’S HARDEST WORKERS. debbie raphael/ director of sf dept of environment “the world would be a really sad place without pollinators. ” so today kicks off San Francisco’s efforts to become a city more accomodating to the winged sort…specifically bees. katy tang/supervisor district 7 “I think its imporatnt to remember some of our little workers such as bees.” So supervisor Katy Tang sponsored a resolution to make San Francisco a Bee City. 100 of San Franciocsco’s gardeners are now all bay friendly certified and will work to plant sustainable bee habitats- hoping to fight against the 44 per cent die off of the pollinators last year. take sot “that is an alarming number and that is calling us to action here in san francisco ans say ‘woah’ what can we do?” The bee city lefgislation will bee introduced tuesday, but local experts hope the effort to rejuvinate bee populations will become a part of all san franciscans lives. take sot “three things are easy. pick good plants, dont use pesticides and aske ..friendly certified.” LKL” if yo want to knowabout plants…EmilyTurner KPIX5″ AN ABANDONED DOG IN MOUNTAIN VIEW DIDN’T HAVE ANY TROUBLE FINDING A NEW HOME.

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