[SG06S1] Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest and Flower Dome! Where to go in Singapore?

1, 2, 3, Jump One more time, one more time 1, 2, 3, Jump Okay, Take 3 1, 2, 3, Jump Done, Okay Hi guys! So now we are here at, where are we? Gardens by the Bay! We are here at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay! At bay south So now we are at the south part of Gardens by the Bay It is one of the best One of the newest tourist attractions here in Singapore I have no idea what’s inside so let’s go and check it out, let’s go! You have to run, run! Run again?! Ask them to come with you! Let’s go! Come Lim Sheng Hui, come on! One, good good! Come on! One hand! Oh my god! You’re a liar You go first Are you sure? What if my camera gets damaged? It won’t! Hey I can’t slide down! My head’s too big! It’s too slow Too slow Welcome back Since we are here might as well we wash our hands Thank you Two tickets! I have no idea why I’m so excited This is my first time Let’s go, let’s go! Run, run! Again?! Thank you Cloud Forest! The door opened by itself I got shocked Whoa it’s so cooling Feels so good What a view when you enter the forest Look at that ladies and gentlemen It’s so good right? Waters are splashing everywhere Oh Lego I thought it’s the real thing Look at that big spider It’s made of Lego too Look, they have real plants too but they made bigger versions with Lego! So now we are going lost We’re gonna get lost in the Lost World But apparently we are just in a lift There’s a lift there’s an elevator in a mountain… Whoa so many levels We’re going to level 6 That’s it for Cloud Forest Which is here, Cloud Forest So now, we are gonna head around Gardens by the Bay And check out what’s around this garden, that is free, of course These you need to pay, but the outside, no need Let’s go! Hi guys! So now we are here at the ticketing booth, For the OCBC Skyway, which is this one over here Is it this one? Yes, so… It’s time to get our tickets and How much is it anyway? Five? Five, yeah $5 SGD So, let’s go! Thank you! There’s no thank you… There is, over there Thank you for visiting OCBC Skyway That another dome there Is the dome that we’re gonna go later So, yeah let’s continue… Which is like not much left So now, we’re gonna head to the Flower Dome Okay, Take 3 1, 2, 3, Jump Hi guys, so now we are here Eh? Why suddenly the sky’s so dark huh? Why huh? The sun’s suddenly gone Maybe we jumped quite long Then the sun sets Transit period Now we are here, right in-front of the Flower Dome The second dome here in Gardens by the Bay And as you can see, it’s dark now And right in-front of us is the Flower Dome so… Let’s check it out! Oh yeah, that’s right, ticket It’s so cold here You noticed the flower’s scent? Look at this place


  1. Hi bolin, just wanna ask something. Can you go in and out multiple times without buying new ticketsfor the domes? Cz i would like to check out the day and night view too! Thankyou 🙂

  2. hi, do we need to show all of our IC (Citizen/PR) cards at the counter if we want to buy 4 tix to get the resident's price? And must we be all present at the counter?

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