Shark Tale All Cutscenes | Full Movie Game (PS2, XBOX, Gamecube)

Oscar yeah I know him just goes to show
you that even a little fish can make a splash in a big pond under the right
circumstances in his case he’s lucky he didn’t end up as an hors d’oeuvre at a
shark banquet I’m gonna die hi Oh get those scaly carcass and a fan Oh
lady there is no way to wake a finish I won’t you miss run again and I caught a
repo fish take it away boys sorry ask your fish gotta make a livin
mrs. sound baby we can work this out it’s Sanchez top of the mornin Oscar hey
boo my wife and get our tear gland my fins are killing me though say have you
seen a bunch of kids tagging up the neighborhood the neighborhood could use
some sprucing up if you ask me well you chink saw huh well what do you think
about this this is this place is what it is I’m gonna straighten out those
delinquents pronto oh you know I’m dead they call themselves the shorties
there’s one near here disturbing the peace with this music maybe you’ll have
better luck finding them than me what’s up shorty what’s it to you fish
it’s Oscar to you my man Oscar hey you don’t think this is about you Oscar no
no it’s the other Oscar list by the canals he really bites look I’m a big
fan of your work shorty but the cops are gonna send you up the river if you don’t
clean this up got it crystal baby we’re on it Katie
current here live from the corner of crying and anchors deep reporting on
recent sightings of sharks near the Reed what’s the average fish on the street
think let’s find out you sir what do you think about sharks near the reef sharks
where does the idea of sharks near the city scare you scared sharks not sharks
don’t scare me bring them on Shawn boom scared see what
I do a shot cuz you know that’s what it’s all about this right wait for work again Oscar you better be
at the wash by the time I get there that’s it Oscar worse every time I need
him oh man I’ve got a punch in without old psych scene looks like Angie coming
for me again does he have a way with the ladies
more like the ladies have their way with him he’s always trying to schmooze the
women but they end up wrapping him around their flippers the lady turtles
at the whale wash have this thing going where he shows them new dance moves and
they giggle like a bunch of giddy school fish hey girl what up
thanks for punching me in again Oscar Sykes is furious
he’s got Ernie and Bernie looking all over for you you gotta get to his office
before they take you there the hard way hey no problem I’m on it yeah Oscar was into me for five g’s as usual
he’s got some crazy scheme for making good on it too
Clady had an inside track on a short thing at the races now being the warm
sensitive individual I am I graciously gave him 24 hours on the note yo hey got going at the track Tommy
how’s it swimming yeah that’s if you told me about got some good news and I
got some bad what you want first I love good news done
you’re right Oscar a shark Stefano we got to fix in on the fourth break Dede
what’s the bad news I can’t get permits lucky day you don’t
lock info on a hawk in an office you do no Lino’s offices in the cruise ship uh
yeah so to figure out if the tip is bogus are you telling me I have to sneak
into a giant ship full of sharks to confirm lucky day supposed to win the
fourth race sorry Oscar I said I’d dig up the kelp just say with
you oh thanks Tony was I thinking this place is scary man they catch me here
I’m gonna be shark bait boom good thing is in the mood in the
movies right when you think you’re safe something always pops up and bites you
okay that’s a shock food I got a date with a seahorse named lucky day so Oscar
shows up at my apartment looking a mess turns out he’s received a tender lesson
from Sykes goons on loan shark payment etiquette it breaks my heart to see him
get into these scrapes but what can I do I had to help him out
oh he just makes me so mad sometimes I don’t even want to talk about what he
did with my grandma’s pearl I gave him to get him out of debt oh man I’m gonna
be like him to the track taxi I met Oscar at the seahorse track he can
be quite charming but I could see him for the fraud he was tried to play
himself off as a big-shot when he was really just a small fry I heard later
his big tip on the race was a big dud and he made the wrong fish angry word
was he’d been sent out to the wastelands to sleep with the fishes if you know
what I mean I’d rather not talk about myself okay but but Oscar he’s a real
piece of work you know I’m out in the wastelands with
my with another shock and we come across Oscar all tied up in the middle of
nowhere me I’m not fond of fish but this other shark decides to eat him the
results were not pleasant for any of us all these reporters start showing up the
whale wash and then I hear everyone asking where Oscar is I figure the worst
has happened so I’m pretty relieved when Oscar shows up with Ernie and Bernie
turns out that everyone thinks Oscars killed some shark out in the wastelands
uh I think I believe Sykes adopted Oscar as his long-lost son before I believe
that although the two were looking pretty chummy at that point yo nothin how’s it hangin not
let this water for your coworker it got drafted into write 30 minutes ago the
police hasn’t wrapped but so far into standoff I’ll be right there
this party time let’s give it up and put it Blair who ease the sharkslayer the
moustache shot blaster the wasteland is our stop Oscar threw this huge bash everyone who
was anyone was there that plain girl Andy or whatever her name is was
clumsily trying to get Oscar to notice her he was mine I was good for Oscar and
I looked good with Oscar I was so proud when that fish came in yelling about a
shark on the reef and my brave Oscar went off alone to take care of it oh I’m
gonna kill you it’s father Marie uh yeah yeah you know me just on my way
to the waste lands now to uh teach those sharks a thing or two ha right I’ll call
the papers they said photographers out so make sure you get lots of photo ops
oh uh great perfect um mom I’m on it I need you to fight all photographers make
sure you’re in the shot when the camera goes off this is just a great kid hello anyone here Wow no sharks here my
work is done knew this was gonna happen I was in the
kelp forest avoiding the goon squads my thought uh Don lino had out looking for
his son when Oscar showed up yeah it was pretty clear he was hiding out from them
too now I figured he owed me for some trouble I got him out of earlier so I
asked him to help me hide out for a while all right Lenny you stick with me
now remember I can’t be seen with you yo Oscar I just got a call from the editor
at the reef city reporter he says one of us photographers gotta make sure you
hang out with some shark you know you can’t trust those gossip rags teeth I
don’t but plenty of other fish do and that fixing it done
you’re finished I don’t even know why I keep those two
around after asking hit it big time Oh Ernie and Bernie wanted to do was sit
around and play that new sharkslayer video game there’s two permanent
jellyfish shaped dents in the sectional sofa right in front of the big plasma
screen and I’ll bet you they’re probably still there right now sometimes I think
he’s lost his mind he sneaks into the wheel wash storage and finds out I’ve
busted him in his shark friend then he pulls a classic Oscar I look we’re gonna
paint you all bloody right just don’t mess right then you’re gonna swim out
and meet the Sox before they get here the worst part is that Lenny actually
encourages him oh you won’t believe what they did next yo Oscar Sykes sags all right I got a
hot project hooked up for you kid reef city’s biggest beverage company wants
you to be their new spokes fish sweet yeah and refreshing – look I need you to
get down to Times Square right now they set up to do this thing later on this
afternoon good luck if you’re the real thing now
ah here is our famous fish the sharkslayer huh
you are very lucky to be part of film history today Mon Ami uh right what do
you need me to do you will represent the eternal struggle for water your fins
will symbolize the very freedom of the soul of all the fish got it say okay
yeah all right sick wears makeup no after you get out of the way Oscar got
what was coming to him can you believe that he would snub me for that bland
Angie girl I figured the turning hundred the sharks was doing him a favor
it’s too bad that they arranged that sit-down with the five families to work
things out or things might have turned out a little more interesting this is
never gonna work don’t worry everything’s fine you just
be cool now remember be the dolphin oh sure I’ll admit I went a little
overboard but he’s my son my own flesh and blood how can he make me lose face
like that in front of the other shocked families and that Oscar all I remember
is hearing the other Don’s laughing and then seeing red everything after that is
a blur until the whale wash I told you it wasn’t gonna work what were you
thinking you know ladies a vegetarian can we discuss this later in case you
missed it doesn’t angry bunch on killing machine on our tail and in other news Fame sharkslayer
Oscar captured more than our hearts today when he brought the rampage of
notorious shark boss Don lino to an abrupt halt at Sykes whale wash details
are sketchy but a prolonged and frantic chase through the streets of reef city
ended with Oscar trapping lino in the machinery at the whale wash subdue the
great white showing that he was more than just a pretty face
Oscar negotiated a reconciliation between the estranged father and his
prodigal son Lenny shown here in an underwater press database photo word
from the lino camp is that reef city can expect to see a more socially conscious
face from the shark population in the future more details at 11:00


  1. I remember I could never beat this game as a kid, lol. I got stuck so early on to the point that I literally thought my game was broken? I was a kid, okay, I wasn't the brightest at that time. 😁 So I just never beat it.

  2. I remember being stuck at that dance scene at the start of the game when I was a game for months so I never actually beat it.

  3. Shark (in Ms. Sanchez's voice): Wake up! 1:27

    Oscar: Ahhhhhh! 1:29

    Ms. Sanchez: Get your scaly carcass out of bed! 1:30

    Oscar: Woah lady! That is no way to wake a fish! 1:33

    Me: That's both wierd and funny at the same time! LOL 😂

  4. I remember being stuck at the very beginning where Oscar had to dance and that stupid cutscene kept showing up of Katie trying to cut the footage I didn't even think to go on youtube at the time so I immediately quit tbh when ps2 was popular I didn't even know youtube was a thing..

  5. Shark tale dolphin story of dreamer barbie mermaid kidz bop and minipop kids movie video game cutscene

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