Split Decision 2018: Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller and challenger Kim Olson

Well howdy folks, I’m your Texas Agriculture
Commissioner Sid Miller, running for re-election. So my name is Kimberly Olson, and I’m running
for the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. I’m a farmer. I’m a eighth generation farmer and rancher. I work really hard every day, literally getting
my hands and nails dirty. Grew up on a farm and a ranch, and making
my living today off the land. Having the military background allows me to
use that skill set to put the mission before myself, have leadership skill set in leading
people. I served in the State House, so I have some
background, some experience in government. Well, we made a lot of changes to the school
lunch program. Matter of fact, we put local control back
into the cafeteria. I think my opponent was a bit hypocritical
in saying it’s all about local control, but when Dripping Springs wanted to have a Meatless
Monday, he rolled in on top of them saying no, that couldn’t happen. I did oppose the Meatless Mondays proposed
by Dripping Springs, and I’ll tell you why. Two reasons. In Texas? Really? You gotta be kidding me. No meat? We lead the nation in beef production. But more importantly, that is not even nutritionally sound. I think we could work hard to bring back and
advocate for local foods for local schools. We have Farm Fresh Fridays, where we challenge
each school to, at least on Fridays, have local produce, locally sourced meats and dairy
products. I would do Fresh Farm Monday through Friday. How about that? Those that produce for this great state are
concerned about the trade wars, concerned whether their products are going to be able
to be sold overseas. It doesn’t affect us a whole lot. There’s tariff on beef, but we hadn’t sold
any beef in 14 years, we haven’t really gained that market back. As you know, beef and beef products are our
number one export. Probably soybeans are the biggest crop that’s
hurt there. But again, we don’t grow a lot of soybeans. Sorghum dropped 70 cents when we started this
trade war. President always said that he would take care
of rural America and take care of our farmers, he’s made good on that. Look, you got a lot more instruments in your
pocket besides just a sledgehammer when it comes to trade wars. How about diplomacy? Let’s try that for a day. We don’t have enough labor to produce the
food and get it harvested and on the table, so we’re going to have to bring in some labor
to help do that. Nobody’s for open borders. Nobody’s for letting illegals run in and out
of this country as a free-for-all. I certainly support a guest worker program,
a legal program to bring that labor in. But what we want are H-2C. H-2C is the new one in which you can bring
people in. They can pick and they can work and then go
back to their own countries. As she was serving in the military, she pleaded
guilty to defrauding the US government, so she’s a war profiteer, she’s plead guilty
to that. So I am married to everything in my past. It has made me the woman I am today, and I
like who I am today. I’m not making a big deal out of that, I think
the people can do the research and find that out. And if you want to know the details of that
investigation, if you want to know my side from what you read in the papers, then go
get the book “Iraq and Back: Inside the War to Win the Peace.” It is all written down for you, and you can
make your judgments from there. Well, for my world in the military he would
be called a propagandist. I don’t think that’s true. We’ve put up over 40, 50 thousand Facebook
posts since I’ve been running for office. And we scrub those really, really closely. He pushes things that he probably knows are
fake, so that you become a part of the problem. You’re a leader. You’re a public leader, elected to represent
an incredible state in this union, and this is how you act. I don’t think we’ve ever posted anything ourself
that was false or misleading. Now, sometimes we get duped and repost stuff
that someone else put up. Shame on you, Sid. There were some barbecue restaurants, maybe
operating 30 years off of illegal scales. If you went into Ruth Christie and said “Say,
Chef. Would you please weigh this eight-ounce steak
you’re fixing to cook for me?” He’d throw you right out of his restaurant,
as he should. We require the scales to be set up where the
consumer can see their meat being weighed. And rolling into a barbecue kitchen and telling
a pitmaster he’s got to rearrange his entire kitchen so that they can put a scale up there,
so people can see their weight … I think you’re focused on the wrong things. Many of these operations had it in the back,
so if you bought two pounds of brisket at $15, you didn’t know if you was getting two
pounds or not. We have a scale and some brisket with us. Okay. There’s no certification on this scale. We were going to have you guess the weight. This is an illegal scale, lady. 10 ounces, I’m saying. That’s three-quarters of a pound. I can’t see. Eight-tenths of a pound. Three-quarters of a pound. That’s close enough if you’re a politician,
right? Oh! So 11. So 10 ounces, right at 11. One off. Woohoo! I want you to know, these are not certified
scales by the Texas Department of Agriculture. They’re probably wrong, I’m probably right.


  1. Glad to have an idea of who Kim Olson is when I head to the polls for early voting in a couple weeks and not just voting blind like many do in these types of races! Also kind of surprised Sid Miller is actually aware of the economic gain we get from immigrant workers and is not a complete idiot on at least on that issue like Trump and Ted Cruz….

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