Starting a Beehive For Dirt Cheap & Setting Up Beehive For SUCCESS (Part 2)

this is a really good option for new
beekeepers especially if they don’t have too much time to make everything from
scratch because the assembly that is required with this beehive is super
simple super easy and you don’t have to have major tools or crazy skills to make
this the directions are super easy and you get to save a lot of money by
putting it together yourself versus buying everything preassembled this
whole beehive with the stand will literally, you’re looking at spending
literally, a hundred and forty-five dollars which is very very cheap to
preassembled because preassembled beehives can be very very expensive and
if you’re starting with one you know two or three hives that can add up really
quick if you have not seen part one it’s a very informative video on what kind of
parts to buy where to buy these parts and why we got the parts we got the parts
we’ll link up in description section the video to part one in this video
we’re showing you how we put the whole thing together
you need to buy one OSB sheet which is super cheap it only cost about
eleven bucks at Home Depot this needs to be cut into seven pieces
this is to make a roof, feeder box, and a bottom this is how easy it is all you
have to do is take a picture of these sizes and show it to the guy in the saw
department at Home Depot and he will cut everything up for you before you buy it.
– if you’re looking at a catalog it’s very expensive 400 450 dollars
looking ohhhh money thousands of money need for start for bees right now we will
show for you how to make easy beehive and all inside parts too first step we…
we have these parts cut before and couple nails this side couple nails this
side bottom hold this right here it is bottom bottom side it’s not top it will
be upside down and doing special hole right here circle holes, enter
this bees honeybees very like it plus a lot of security right here and everybody
cannot go inside because bees stay around and if Yellow Jacket or
hornets or bumble bee one go inside and catch both sides around side diameter and
because he afraid, everybody afraid to go inside the and like it this because if
you’re looking wild bees and go inside… stay inside trees, we have a hole inside
trees nuts after nuts special hole, nobody
doing like this straight -so wild bees have very similar holes to those types of
holes? -yes plus easy for people who is start only beginning
doing this will be easy to make hole and no need to make… a lot of work on the bottom -so what kind of diameter do you use for that? -5/8 of an inch 5/8 of an inch this ready first-floor ready holes
everything is ready and would do you need? you need ten frames
ten frames and foundation we have ten frames and we put five right here inside and five frames will be to buy from
nucleus this old frames and bees and comb put this side and it will be full
next step you need the second floor because family keeping only one nest and nest
this is ten frames and needed always new brood new brood all seasons together set
must be ten frames right here ten frames right here on top right now this is the second floor it will be go for honey more ten frames total you need must be
have twenty frames this beehive can bring up to three gallons of honey must be if
you have around good nectar this is practice says you’ll have 3 gallons honey or two and a half or minimum two gallons honey you have one
beehive because not full frames sometimes you need more special
inner this inner I do myself done differently than how they do it in the United States. why? United
States sometimes put inside feeder and bees fly out and can sting you. beginning
beekeeper scared afraid everybody scared afraid because no good feeling right
here inner always open right here and some people say too hot inside like sauna
no the air goes through the three holes right here and open like this round year, this is very
good ventilation if needed short bees put propolis right here and doing
small hole. why need this inner right here jar this is pickle jar always for
sale and doing like this -so that’s how you feed your bees, with
the sugar syrup? -this sugar syrup must be half sugar and fill it up with water
and mix it and it will be sugar syrup turn it upside-down sugar syrup now fall down
and put right here if you don’t believe for me check put water and
looks like this no go down we have used it this way everything works next steps show what to do next step this is used I tell you
springtime because need nectar springtime sometimes no honey after
winter need always put nectar right here and summertime sometimes if you
live in a different area and stop nectar around hot always hot bees want eat too
if you look in no honey come in you put a little bit feed for… and in the fall
you must extraction after extraction honey honey eating people because more
benefits sugar not too much more benefits only for bees it’s excellent
food for winter bees don’t have a problem don’t have
diarrhea no sick and have a good winter this inner feeder why much better right
here because if you put this inner and we put more small box right here
any any time you work daytime come on night you cannot look at night bees
inside because bees ugly can sting you and plus nighttime dark you
don’t see you come on to nighttime 9 o clock 8 o clock it’s springtime at this time
dark you come in you you rememver need put feed for sugar syrup for
bees how put you cannot open inside the day only right
here it’s much better no needed smoker no needed to
open no needed special mask you come on like me today because bees stay
inside not ugly for you not doing trouble for you you come
and bring only upside down put right here close it, raining outside cold
outside you not open nest bees safe you safe it’s very good for you too
many feeders we have inside Internet plastic if plastic stay outside and hot
plastic always not good smell and a plastic go inside water/feed it’s not healthy
for bees not healthy for people if sometimes use plastic bottle
and better use… I am used always glass glass is maximum much better for
healthy for bees healthy for you and safety for you because nobody can
sting you and easy for you to wash inside open like this you will be wash
inside hand if something problem and clean up plastic special clean up need a lot of work and plastic sometimes stay inside outside broken and
this is more strong and long life and safety for you -…and stainless steel is
rust resistant? -yeah this steel pretty good very very strong stay a long time
one time you bought this and you’ll be a long time use I’m use long time five ten
years no problem and plus safe because bees no died always bees happy eating with their tongue if
you put upside down and put on the screen every moths every bug everybody
cannot go inside because another side bees eating if somebody goes inside bees
catch him because this is much better ants and bugs no-go right here -only the bees can get to it? -only bees can pick up from another side, it’s much much much
better if you don’t want to make yourself this is jar or inner right
here inner and this inner and screen and jar
this is… we can for sale for you check links below bottom under the video this
roof doing like this you see looking like this roof cut special parts same size
like right hear a little bit over right here and cut metal and put together right here
nail the cover right here it’s very very cheap and fast sometimes wind right
here wind doing problem roof sometimes go out and falls down if you brick on top it will be strong no moving because very strong wind sometimes moving roof what side enter put? south north east west what side better? some people said better south some people say north some… you can put any
side no problem best put for east why east not south if you stay long time
South South in summertime very very hot bees a lot of work a lot of
ventilation at the entrance if work inside no bring nectar because too many
bees work for ventilation if you put east sunshine start and go right
here sunshine first bees fly looking nectar around spy bees
yes spy bees and looking around and bring first moment one hour early
bring information for all family and give information for all family this family
one hour early maybe maybe two hour early and fly if
family start early fly this family bring more nectar more honey best east
-where did you get this information -I’m reading too many journals
about beekeeping journal in Russian we have special Institute special people who is
doing a special book reading too many books this information and too many
books and 100 years 150 years ago people have practice and show this information
why this best Russian experimented and different areas different countries
experimented if you not reading books right now too many people looking internet
only not correct information because need information backed up by a lot of places and
practice need practice show this better work right here if you have
different information okay we open for you please we will like it conversation
about this information please comment below will be happy it’s much better for
me for you and for everybody who is looking these comments and questions
please comment below I will be happy and my daughter too how doing paint paint
doing only outside no paint inside why no paint inside because if you paint
inside water in the air because inside bees always have like sauna and temperature 36C degrees or like body people I reading too many information too many
books no put paint inside only outside -because it’s not healthy for the bees?
-plus if you put paint inside paint always different temperature
different water in the air inside and paint always down and bees always doing propolis
inside because if propolis doing inside this safety for bees propolis this
antibiotic and kill every bacteria it’s much better for
bees this is if outdoor bees fly and sit
inside trees always propolisinside the nest doing propolis this is much
better like paint -you don’t use any type of glue to put them together?
– no no needed put glue because bees use propolis propolis like glue and
safe and strong doing everything every hole they close it no problem if small hole bees doing propolis always close it and plus you save money and save time if your doing every little hole glue use and plus glue outside wether different and
cold freezing wet and glue sometimes not keeping and fall down and best
propolis stay round year strong the frames and beeswax foundation comes
with instructions but over the years my dad has learned different tips and
tricks how to make it better and faster… tips and tricks practice says
sometimes direction no good right now we show step by step how we’ll be doing
this is frame mann lake sent for me this is number frames because mann lake have
different frames four kind you must pick up this kind frames for special
foundation foundation have this number too right here number foundation FN 260 its foundation coming together for this frames pick up side and easy put together
stay right here easy next step put this side easy everything good next step
bottom we looking bottom right here long hole start from here finish right here very long if you.. this must go inside turn and
short hole put top like this okay everything go next
step I’m doing like easy it’s easy work its easy work because we pick up nails nails right here long HD 220 if mann lake or this number
and put for Center we can use two-way or one nail or two nails I use
only one next step turn around put again and doing again next step doing like
this small nails 3/4 -3/4 of an inch -yes 3/4 and put for this side right here
corner nails go corner nails right here corner nails right here and corner nails
right here why I put right here I show for you why because if you put right
here it’s much better and strong frames why strong frames I show for you because
practice says if you work inside the beehive you must moving this frames for example frame stay inside propolis wax together too
hard and cannot move out you must pick up something special tool and pick up
right here try pick up sometimes.. -it gets stuck in there? if you have only nails on top
this is top go out and broken frames because this is strong keeping
bottom if you put side and side you moving up moving up right here and
keeping together and no broken frames tips and tricks instruction no say
this side people doing only this side on top -so the instructions say to put
a nail on top and on the bottom but not on the sides -top and bottom instruction
doing I am doing sides because strong no broken no pushing instructions
say long put right here instruction say put one right here -long nail there?
-yeah I show for you put like this long put too long inside sometimes if you
put inside long you see broken broken line you see right here broken I show
for you yeah wood broken right here see like
this see like this broken wood and this is no good wood broken and
sometimes go nail outside it’s no good must be fix it every way fix it
yeah see nail go outside and broken wood right here line it’s no good
tips and tricks practice say sometimes direction no good because broken right
here -you don’t put no nails there? -no nails right here -on the bottom -..and this
side too both sides a little bit more work you’re doing for your family for
yourself for you and you must doing good right now
ready frame what’s next step? it’s wax foundation what do you have wax
foundation good smell -this is 100% natural beeswax? -yes this is.. -wired
-..and inside wire right now doing step by step first idea we must cut
corner right here corner out second corner too its bottom -why -because bees
like to go from one side to another side and Queen go from… put eggs one side
and put eggs this side -so it’s easier for them to go from one side to another -it’s easy go
for Queen Queen go right here not doing broken for center bees sometimes make a hole on the side or on top or this side if you have open like this bees happy
and go on this side right here next step we have right here hook little bit down
little bit down towards the comb we have 90 degrees only you down little bit maybe 80
degree down little bit hook hook down it will be best because after this we’ll
be put inside frame and best work -it’ll fit the best that way -yes next
step we have this is wood right here
open open like this and what to do right now this wax foundation pickup frame
this must be on the bottom towards your stomach top over -the hooks go towards
the top -yeah and put inside hole wax foundation pick up with two fingers top right here finger and another side bottom go to first pushing inside bottom looks
like this -otherwise it won’t fit see button go outside next step turn and
put on the step right here we have steps and put right here on the steps
and… right here hook go right here up hook go up space must be this side hole and
this side must be put… -even space? yes wax foundation put for middle for center
must be same right here same right here this kind nails half of inch by 18
size half of inch and pick up this half of inch looks like this must be top
big one sometimes we have small big one easy
work right here put for center like this pressing and next step doing like this
instruction we have maybe six six my practice says three one Center one side
one side three it’s fine no needed six one center one side doing
like this -just lightly not all the way yet right? -yes temporarily put right here
because if you not put right here it will be too hard to put together the
wax foundation right now already a little bit over if over you put right
here back no over a little bit is fine right now put like this and moving back
-so the nails must be towards the outside off center? -yeah yes and pressing this finger and
another finger together together and pressing this finger pressing right
here together foundation and next step hold this next step and… push with hammer okay pressing wax foundation center first next step moving like this and pressing
right here and next step next side last one again pressing down and pressing
together and put right here sometimes we have right here stay wax
foundation it’s no good because no… need middle middle must be stay about where the
holes are -straight must be straight -yeah or this side same idea stay right here it’s no
good because frames no good looks how fix it fix it must be this is wax
foundation have wires its wires doing problem you must pick up right here and
little bit right here pressing must be looks straight about aligned with the holes oh one more
secret one more secret frames work five years after finish I have practice
this is my tips and tricks today 19 what’s 19 this two numbers -2019 -2019 if you frame stay 5 years plus I know in 2024 okay this frame bad -so you change the frame
or you change just the wax foundation? we’ll be
change wax foundation not change frame if frames good no needed to change how
change wax foundation only take out this is right here if foundation problem you
take out right here it will be easy because small nails you’ll be taking out
right here -switch out the wax foundation -ya and change wax foundation and put
new foundation because if this comb will be old bad or something we’ll take out
and put new foundation right here you you’ll be happy continue job we still
work show for you this inner for feeder what do you need need same size as
beehive right here I show for you this size size must be same not over right
here not over here this inner right now we’re doing… what do you need
doing we need screen screen we bought from
Home Depot this size screen for window from Home Depot aluminum screen aluminum
better because plastic lasts a short time and broken aluminum lasts a long time -lasts a long time
-yeah and cut right here little size square like this square if we have four inch
right here four by four you can cut a little bit over right here maybe
two fingers over or one finger over and we’ll be using this is staple gun staples
use and doing like this this is if you want for nice-looking
beautiful you put small wood right here -you don’t have to have that? -…and nails.
sometimes I use sometimes not use it’s your choice and small nails 3/4
3/4 nails 3/4 inch and start right now doing right here for middle one way put this jar very steel
-stainless steel? -Steel very good-one piece it has to be one-piece -yeah one cup good strong
one piece we have gasket inside because needed gasket sugar syrup no
go outside and put right here turn together and put like right here sugar
syrup it’s perfect strong or you can doing yourself no problem and this is doing
from pickle -pickle jar -yes pickle jar mr. olive or something and you have… turn right here, turn right here one and a half turn and doing nails
around looks like this nails nails put
inside I show for you how put nails inside we can use these nails -1 and 1/4 of an inch -yes
about 20 holes it’s fine or 30 no problem for example doing like this new
hole doing new hole see like this go -so these things must be on the inside -yeah after doing right here your cup stay inside you must fix it and push
outside like this see because if you put like this inside and put right here
too long destination bees cannot pick up you must push ii right here
right here right here if you put nails right here this side sharp -sharp? -sharp sharp cannot move ii and if you put right here
and will be sharp this side you put right here and broken screen
right now screen no broken sliding you see perfect -same nails that.. -same nails who is doing frames on top doing before cover right here and top roof for bees better
bees pick up, sugar syrup not down because vacuum right here, stay here and
small hole, not go outside sugar syrup if you want to buy this jar cups and inner
for feeder link below video in the video check please you will be pushing
links it will be looks at this information about this parts we’ll be
show how we’re doing right now pick up right here one side right here put one
side put right here what do you need first step must be keeping keeping with
small nails next little bit small drill bed and
drill doing on the side not too much little bit -so can you do it without the drill?
-if you have skinny nails i show for you must be no use drill this is look like this this
size will be show for you what size nails -6d -yeah and start doing right
here if you use drill it’s much better -you don’t have to use it but if you use
it it holds better? -yeah if you don’t use drill, must little bit broken
for example, try no use drill this side -it can split?
-yeah -no broken no it didn’t split -oh good -that’s without the drill one this
one with yes I do drill and -hear? -yeah right here see like
this? Must be not together close to the sides, this broken right here, broken right here, yeah
broken right here -why -because together right here must be… -too close -…little bit moving for center, moving
this for Center and moving right here for center too close to the sides because right
here it’s much better lookes next side looking next side looking doing right here, doing
right here, more not too close right here it’s too close finger a couple finger
more out right here two fingers out and must be much better right here
couple fingers right here too okay right now look at this side oh perfect no problem no broken no broken this side -didn’t split?- yeah and look at
this side, perfect no broken


  1. Thank you for watching everyone!!!! Questions,comments or suggestions? Please comment below! I will answer!!!! Have a blessed day!

  2. Always educational thank you, I like to see how different everyone dose things. Question is how do you feel about queen excludes I am back and forth about trying to use them, this will be my third year beekeeping

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  4. Wow, your father sure does hammer fast… LOL;) American bee keepers seem to think you need to tilt your hives forward so the moisture drains out & they like their entrances at the bottom so they can take out the trash. The bees, not the keepers. What's Pavel's thoughts on that. There's nothing wrong with your speech Pavel! I read too many journals to. No bees yet. Had some hard lookers though:)

  5. Very clear video instruction. Some questions Pavel please?

    Sugar syrup container, some others have had trouble with these leaking and flooding the hive, I think Crazy Russian Hacker showed and example of this which may have contributed to brood loss in winters, which makes me cautious about using this approach? Perhaps turn jar upside down and leave for 24 hours to check vacuum holds contents?

    Another question regarding sugar syrup container, I heard you feed bee's in fall and spring, I was unsure if you feed through winter? If you do does the sugar syrup not freeze?

    Many bee keepers appear to use trays of syrup and allow hive to access, clearly you prefer jars, have you tried the other method and disliked it? Similar question with fondants?

    Thank you for videos and perhaps more importantly your willingness to respond to comments, kindest regards to you and Ana.

    Edit, perhaps too many questions and better dealt with in a future video?

  6. Great video and I like how your dad explains things I built 3 of those inner covers that is how I feed my bees.

  7. Agree with you on not use plastic. Glass easier to clean, and will be a better vacuum to stop leaking. Plastic will not give good vacuum.

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  12. Pavel's frame making is similar to what we do in the UK
    Our hives are made of Western Red Cedar, they last for decades and don't need painting, also we have poly hives these last for decades and produce upto 30% more honey. They have been used in the UK for over 40 years and still going, over 60 years in Europe.

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