Success is Sweet- The Honey Truck Co.

(bright music) – While I was at Flagler I had
a professor, Rob Armstrong, and he gave me the best
advice I’ve ever had. He said, “Don’t ever
say no to an opportunity “because you don’t know how to do it, “say yes and figure it out.” And that has truly shaped
every single experience or job that I’ve had since leaving Flagler. I had no idea how to keep bees. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to
drive a stick shift truck. I don’t know how to be an entrepreneur, and I’m saying yes that I’m
just jumping in with both feet, and figuring it out as
quickly as possible. When I came to Flagler
College I fell in love with the city itself. St Augustine has just been so great. The people have creative ideas. You throw it out there
and you see what sticks. If it doesn’t you recalibrate and adjust and figure it out along the way. I notice that when I was buying honey that nobody was selling
a product that came from St. Augustine. I thought one day it would just be awesome to be able to harvest my own honey. I got all of the books
I could from the library and started researching beekeeping. We found somebody up in
Jacksonville that sold beehives and literally just wrapped up the beehive and put it in the trunk
of my car and I drove away with my bees and that
day I became a beekeeper. I’m just so amazed every
time I go into a beehive. It’s just a beautiful
creation to see this unit working together. I love watching the bees make the honey. It’s an incredible process. Just the design that goes
into that makes me feel really special and I love being a keeper because I get to care for these bees. And I get to watch them grow. We have beehives that
are on State Road 16, the island, we just put
beehives over at Ripley’s, and we’re looking to
expand so we want to have honey from any neighborhood
from St. Augustine. It’s been a really
humbling experience to see the people of St. Augustine
just embrace the honey truck. As a Flagler alum, it’s a
great joy to be able to give something to the people of
St. Augustine and to have them love it as much as you do. We do have some long term goals. We would like to be a
wholesaler this year. I definitely do see
The Honey Truck Company becoming a franchise,
because you can replicate this model anywhere as
long as you’re in a city and you’re a beekeeper you
can put beehives anywhere and have a honey truck. I asked my dad, did you
ever think I would be a beekeeper? And he said, “No, I didn’t
have any expectations “of what you would be, I would just enjoy “watching you grow up and enjoy the ride.” I take that with me
into beekeeping because I have no expectations,
I’m just enjoying the ride. (bright music)

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