Summer Gardening Idea for Kids: Community Garden

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel for today’s video I will show you guys a community here in our place Who planted Pechay and I will show you a demo on how to plant… Let’s go guys Today I saw February I mean March 2, 2019 and the kilo of their Pechay is 40 pesos And I will show you guys and if you are new in my channel I do gardening videos and Please like and subscribe And please also click the notification or bail button so that you are notified Whenever I post another gardening video, so let’s take a look guys These are the children guys who planted their Pechay so first thing is to prepare the Plot just like that. This is already 2 days old and still there are small seeds that are not sprouting. This is the next step guys Take a look and noticed that the Pechay seedlings are now growing. Smile Say Hi… this is Kevin How old are you Ven He is 12 years old and he knows how to plant Pechay, how much is the kilo Ven? 40 pesos per kilo So this is Budoy…. say Budoy…. How old are you? 12.. So this is his plot Hi…… You want Pechay Gang? Where’s you’re Pechay? You harvested it already? Ven after how many weeks to fertilize for the first time? Five days Okay, I One week, okay After one week guys, they put fertilizer. So this is the output. So guys after planting this is the first time that they are going to put some fertilizer This one I will show you up close Okay, How many times you water the plant in a day? ( morning and afternoon) After two weeks guys or one week after the first fertilizer this is the result. repeat fertilizers twice only only They will continue watering the plants until forty days Another do they will wait in two weeks again after the second batch of fertilizer and I will show you the result. So after four weeks, this is the result This is the full view guys… They have Squash on another Pechay in my other side Their are the baby Pechay So that’s it guys for this video and thank you so much guys for watching and see you in my next one Find time stick They


  1. Ohh i love the garden , ang ganda tingnan at very friendly sa mga bata at para matutu din sila magtanim ng sarili nilang gulay

  2. Hi sis. Mas mabuti na may pinag abalahan ang mga Bata. Mas mabuti Bata PA sila alam na nila ang pag gardening. Do good job sus. Thanks for sharing this video

  3. Wow.. Daming pechay… Naisip ko kanina pechay bago ko inopen video mo. Un pala pechay mga tanim mo hihihi.. Nice sis.. Daming gulay… Sana may ganyan din akong garden

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