SUN JOE TJ603E 🦋Electric Tiller and Cultivator🍀16-Inch 12-Amp UNBOXING DEMO👈

Hey we got a new tiller, an electric tiller
from Sun Joe and I’ve never had an electric tiller before
we’re going to open up the box now I’m not sure….obviously some assembly is
required just by the shape of the box I’m hoping it’s not a lot
Now what I have now which I have used for years
is a gas powered – a mixture of gas and oil i it
it’s actually a mantis So I have the Mantis that I’ve used for years
and I just never know if it is going to start and then dealing with the draining at the
end of the season which you are supposed to do and I neglect to do that sometimes
So I’m really looking forward to an electric tiller
I don’t have a tremendous amount of tilling to do
but I do have several flower gardens and a little vegetable garden so it is a good thing
to have what I did was just to do some research online
reviews on Amazon and other places and this tiller was highly rated and not terribly expensive
it was actually a fraction of the cost I paid for the
gas powered Mantis This has let’s see….a 16 inch tiller with
it’s 12 amp so it is 12 amp 16 inch tiller They actually call it a tiller and cultivator
and I’m actually not sure what the difference is but I know I’ve used what I call a tiller
for years breaking up soil ok it is girl against box we’ll see who wins
Tillers, cultivators in general are great for controlling weeds, starting and maintaining
garden areas So while Lillian is attempting to put this
together let’s see what is…if there is anything interesting in the box
ok as I said, 12 amp cultivates up to 16 wide and up to 8 inches or 20.3 cm deep
It has 6 forward-rotating steel blades for maximum durability and performance
Now the Mantis tiller that I have been using, it is kind of odd because you walk backwards
with it – that is what I am used to it was a little difficult to get used to
but this is forward moving and I had gotten the Mantis after I saw it on an infomercials
some years ago so i have gotten a lot of use out of but it
was kind of pricey and I just don’t like dealing with the gasoline and the oil and the unpredictability
of no knowing if it is going to start the weight is 27.1 lbs although most of the
time you would be rolling it so Lillian has got the handles on and I guess
what would you say – about 15 minutes? Yes
about 15 minutes to get it out of the box and put it together assuming it is put together
correctly….we’ll see…. the mosquitoes are out
There it is – kind of a nice-looking piece of machinery
it looks actually a little more substantial than the Mantis does I don’t know if that
means anything about the operation but I can’t wait to try this out
ok, I don’t know what I’m doing here but I am just going to push the button in here and
hold this down Whoa! ok
So it started right up the first time I didn’t even have to look at the instruction
manual I just pushed this button on the side and
held this and man this has got some power I’m used to the Mantis where you have to pull
it backwards so this flower bed has gone to weed so it’s time to till it, I’m going to
change the borders I really love the fact that I can turn this
off and not wonder if it is going to start again
It is really easy to handle and it seems to be doing a great job so far
So I got a lot of work to do thanks for watching

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