Sweet Home, Sweet Honey | 우리집 꿀단지 EP.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2015.11.12]


  1. welp here we go again a new drama….. lets see if the plots better than the hot mess that was save the family …… and I see kbs tiny apartment set # 1 is being used heh same neighborhood too..

  2. Giving these KBS daily drama's a miss, after Rooftop and Save the Family I don't think I can handle anymore crappy drama's LOL

  3. There must be special training in So. Korea on how to be a mother with a terrible attitude.  Another show where the mothers and grandmothers have a nasty attitude towards their children and in laws.    I wouldn't want my daughter to marry into some of these families.  Not sure if I should continue this show now or check back in 30 episodes.

  4. Anyone starting this drama, be prepared for a horrible script. Trust me. You'll see how the comments gradually become worst every episode.

  5. Why doesn't KBS flip the play list, so 1 is episode one and not the ending and we can watch every episode on autoplay.

  6. Okay so that Matt and cooks and all that that's the girls real father so those two kids the Son and the daughter that he's talking about are those his real kids or is it just the girl who's the dancer is his real daughter with his mistress but the sun is in his real son but his wife who owns the Wine Company her daughter is that his real daughter as well or did she adopt after they lost their little girl so he never married his mistress there were just living together for 20 years

  7. To The mom and her wine saving ways lol. I wish I could go to an job interview like that. That’s one way of settling your nerves lol 😂. Two handsome men in the white car makes my day. Ok now a room full even better

  8. After watching ** come jang bori and your the only one 😍😍😍😍 j xtl came here and found kang nechun 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  9. The woman that asked the girl that if she thinks they her companies wine is plain she's her mom I can tell

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