Sweet Home, Sweet Honey | 우리집 꿀단지 EP.100 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2016.03.30]

(Applicant: An Gilsu) (Episode 100) You disappoint me yet again. I was… I was going to change it later. It’s no use submitting this anyway. What do you mean? Because I already submitted it. What? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? I applied for the patent you were going to submit in Mr. An’s name in Punggildang and mom’s names. Why? Why did you do that? What about me? I really needed that patent. How dare you! Why are you disappointing me again? I really wanted to trust you. I’m going to help mom get recognition for her research. No one will take that away from her. No matter what, I’m always by your side. Don’t try to shoulder everything by yourself. I’m so ashamed that you have to see my sister and me like this. How can you do this when I thought you sympathized with me? What gives you the right to yell at Bom? Could you give us a moment? Bom. You said we’d do this together. You said we’d restore mom’s reputation. How dare you betray me! But you were going to apply for the patent in President An’s name. You got my sympathy by crying about how your in-laws’ were mistreating you. You said you’d do anything for mom, so why the about-face? I really wanted to trust you. Don’t lie to me. You never trusted me. That’s why you pretended to trust me and then applied for the patent behind my back. Aran. How did we end up like this? Father. How did it go? We can file a suit to withdraw the application and resubmit it in your name. The patent review is still pending, so… That’s enough. How can I ask you to turn your back on your mother again? I was going to put the patent… Never mind. I’m sorry I can’t help you with the disciplinary action against you. You did your best. Aran. What am I going to do? (Decision on Disciplinary Action) Dad. You know how much Aran has done for our family. I do know that. But I think we expected too much of her. Ms. Bae is her mother after all. I can no longer ask her to put herself out there for my sake. What is it that you’re after? Have you always wanted to be CEO? You told me all you wanted was to ask Ms. Bae for forgiveness and be free of the crushing guilt. I don’t want Aran to get hurt anymore. You should ask Ms. Bae for forgiveness… That’s enough! I tried! I begged and pleaded with Ms. Bae! But she refused to accept my apology. I need to live too. How can I live if I can’t even breathe? You’re making excuses. You never really wanted to apologize. You just wanted to be cowardly and cover it up. Taeho! Why did I come here anyway? Why are you here? Look who’s here. It’s the awful man who abandoned Bom. Why would you give him the time of day? I can’t even make eye contact with a scumbag like him. So what is it? I was worried about you and how you were managing, so I decided to drop by. You’re so shameless. You were worried about me after pushing my family over a cliff and making my daughter betray me? You’re right. I don’t know why I came to see you either. When you were at Punggildang, all I had to do was knock and go into your office to talk our way through whatever problems there were. Mr. An Gilsu, I’d rather not go down memory lane. If I were to offer you a sincere apology now, would you accept it? But I know you’re not being sincere. I get the feeling you’ve come to me because there are problems at work. Please go. If there are problems, you’ll find a way to resolve them by facing them head on with courage and integrity. I knew you’d be like this. It’s not just me who lost my chance. You lost your chance to forgive me as well. Torment yourself then. I too will live with the agony that torments every inch of my being. I’m in favor of Ms. Bae’s dismissal. You were scared because you deceived us and now you regret it. That’s why I’m saying I’m sorry. Can’t you just accept my apology? I don’t know if you’re truly sorry. I have nowhere to turn. I’ll stay committed to the choice I made. Let’s just stay here a while longer. A family grows closer by being together, fighting, and then making up. This is no time to be stubborn. Mom’s very worked up right now, and dad’s disappointed in you because of the patent. By moving back in now, you’re just out to get yourself hurt. Taeho, I’ll persevere no matter what. I’ve made my decision. I’m going to be a beloved daughter-in-law and bring peace to our family. Aran. Let’s go, Taeho. Do you really want to do this? You should sign the divorce papers and leave. What do you think you’re doing? After a few days away, I started missing your nagging. Oh, my goodness. Mom, Aran’s trying. Please cut her some slack. I remembered how we’d go shopping together and how you’d take my side when Taeho caused me grief. I often felt closer to you than my own mom. Wow. You’re trying to provoke me, aren’t you? Hello, father. Aran. You haven’t eaten yet, right? Go in and shower first. Aran has a very strong sense of pride. Because of that, she won’t give up on her decision to protect our family. You saw, right? That’s how she is. She sends chills down my back. Aran betrayed her own family and stood by us. Who else will embrace her but us? How can we embrace her? She’s covered in thorns that she’d dig into me if I were to embrace her. And like you said, she betrayed her own parents, so she can do the same to us. Be that as it may, we’re her parents-in-law. You have to be the bigger person. Geez. I don’t know what to do either. There, there. (Patent Application Number) What is this? Bom succeeded in freeze-drying azalea fordugyeonjuproduction. We applied for the patent today. But why is my name here? Because you made it happen. Although Mr. An stole your recipe notebooks when we moved, this remained in my hands. But I can’t work at Punggildang anymore. Why didn’t you just put it in your name? I wanted Mr. An to know that you were still standing. Bom, I just want you to make traditional wines at Punggildang as you’ve always dreamed without thinking about me or any negative thoughts of revenge. But what happened to you is unjust. If I may be so bold… Doing this with Bom made me realize I really want to protect her. I want to help her. Getting married would… Maru, I told you not to bring that up again. You two bring that up every chance you get. Ms. Bae and I don’t get along, but this is one thing we agree on. We absolutely oppose their union, right? I can’t allow it. I’m sorry. Just hang out together like you’re doing now. Have fun going on dates. Young people are bound to meet new people and have a change of heart. That’s rather inappropriate in front of the kids. I’m just saying. I was just laying things out so they’d go their separate ways. They’re so smitten with each other as it is, so it’s not helping that they’re together at work and at home. They shouldn’t be in the same house. I’m sorry. I’ll find us a place as soon as possible. Why did your husband have to start a family with Maru’s mother of all people? The kids are in this mess because the adults messed up. My goodness. I could hear you outside the front gate. It feels like a real home. Anyway, we can’t let those two be together, so I’d like your family to move out. Midal, why are you so cold? I’m working hard these days, so please give us a bit more time. I beg you, Ms. Lee. No, no. She may sound harsh, but she’s warm and caring. Don’t worry and stay as long as you need. My goodness. How maddening. What’s so maddening? Let’s go in. Where are we going? You’ll see. Just come with me. Come on in. I didn’t know when you’d have enough, so I got you a monthly rental. It doesn’t look great, but it’ll do if you spruce it up a bit. We have to do this to split up Bom and Maru. I don’t know what to say. I took care of the deposit, so wire the rent every month to the landlord’s bank account here. Thank you. I’m so indebted to you. I’ll pay you back as soon as I can. I’m here. Now that I’ve clocked in, I’ll get to work. Wait, ma’am. Huh? Are you really 62 years old? You look way over 70. How can you offend a lady like that? What did I tell you? I had a hard life. Don’t you have children who can take care of you? My goodness. My daughter-in-law is a CEO, and my son is an artist. I’m not here to make money. I need the exercise. I see. But I can’t let you work here without a copy of your ID. How can you be so quick to sever our ties? I’ll take a cut of $3… No, $2 a day and keep this place spotless. I’m working here as long as I live. Sir! Chowon Pub’s Ms. Lee begged me, so I decided to keep you on. I’ll work hard, sir. I’m worried that the cleaning lady who started two days ago may be too old. Really? If she hurts her back or something, it’ll be a lot of trouble. Then can I do her job after my shift? I think another three or four hours will do. Really? Just give me 70… No, 60% of her pay. Then I’ll do 120% better than her. This is our new recruit’s business proposal. Take a look. It’s impressive this person submitted a proposal even before getting here. You know her, Taeho. Dr. Song’s eldest daughter. I met her in Boston while getting our MBA. After graduating, she joined an American wine company, so I scouted her. She’s a certified sommelier too, so she’ll prove to be valuable. Some of the ideas aren’t bad. I look forward to meeting her. It doesn’t resemble me. I agree. You’re much prettier. Are you done for the day? Yes. You know this is our big night, right? I’m nervous. We can’t turn back now. I told you I’d protect you, right? Let’s do this. Why do you want me out here when I’m sore all over? The kids have something to tell us, mom. Just forget about it if you’re asking us for our blessing again. Let’s listen to what they have to say. They took time to put that together. We’re all here, so keep it short. Thank you for making time out of your busy schedules. Thank you. We asked you here because Maru and I have something to tell you. This is Bom and my marriage plan. How cool. It’s like a corporate briefing. I knew it. (Our Childhood) This is when I was cared for by Ms. Lee Midal here. Mr. Choi Jeonggi found me lost and bewildered and took me to my mom. That’s how he became my dad for 20 years. Both Maru and I got lost 20 years ago and ended up with our respective dad and mom. That’s when our ties were forged. They are happy ties of sharing good parents. We’ll get married this spring. And our child will turn one in three years’ time. This is our future baby. She’s cute and smart, just like Bom. No way. You can’t just will that to happen. Not everyone can do what Baedal did in one go… I’m such a ditz. (Becoming Homeowners) By the time we pay off the mortgage on the place Maru leased, we’ll get another mortgage for a three-bedroom apartment. The kids will have their own study rooms. And… (10th Wedding Anniversary Trip) On our 10th wedding anniversary, we will take our parents on a family trip. Sign me up. Thank you in advance. Are you going to leave me home? Of course you’re going too. (Happy Family) 30 years from now, we’ll be leading busy lives, surrounded by family. A lot will change, but we’ll be working even harder at the company mom built to ensure that our traditional wines do not become obsolete. And our children might be getting married. When they do, I hope everyone here can come and celebrate with us. Am I to live past 100? Mom, 100 is the new 50. I’m welling up imagining my grandchildren getting married. We should remain healthy to see that happen. We stand before our families and vow that we will work and and live hard so as not to disappoint you. We’d like to get married with your blessing. Please help us. Mom. I’m sorry it was so sudden. But Maru and I… I don’t know how I feel either. But it’s hard for me to say yes. And I can’t expect you to know exactly why. Mom, I really love Maru. Why are we moving late at night like outlaws? Must we do this now? Let’s move tomorrow morning. I’ll get you moved in tomorrow, so why don’t you wait? I’m sorry we imposed on you for so long. She’s so stubborn. Why is she doing this late at night? Thank you for everything. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I can see how she managed to build Punggildang. Mother, be careful. Easy. Easy does it. Can’t I just stay at Ms. Lee’s? Her place has grown on me. There are only two bedrooms? So men in one room, women in another again? I don’t think we belong here. Right, Baedal? Huh? Right. We should just go back. Gukhui, I’ll help you clean tomorrow. Bom, take care of grandma. Leave it. I’ll do it. Please be patient. When my savings mature, I’ll get a loan and move to a better place. I need to rest. Where’s my room? You and I will be sharing this room. What are you talking about? You said my snoring kept you awake at Ms. Lee’s. Come, Bom. I cleaned the kitchen floor. Leave it. I’ll do it. How will you live in a house like this? I’m sorry. We have to make do. Shouldn’t you go to sleep? Yes, I should. I’ll get you a bed by the end of this month. You slept in a bed all your life. You should at least sleep comfortably. Where are you going? I’m going to sleep in the living room. Sleep here. If you sleep out there, Bom and mother can’t go to the restroom. Why? You can’t bear to live with your in-laws? It’s not that. I just can’t bear to live without you. I’m a poor orphan boy without you. Geez. Such a sweet talker. Hurry up and go to bed. You’re carrying a child. I will, Midal. Nothing beats living with you, Midal. Honey, let’s get my uniform out so it doesn’t wrinkle and then hit the sack. It’s so nice that you go to work every morning. Plus, you look great in your uniform. I do, don’t I? But it’s torture seeing An Gilsu every day. Nevertheless, you can’t let your displeasure show. Just keep your cool. You can’t afford to become jobless again. Okay, okay. Oops. What is this? A lottery ticket? Why waste money on this? Honey, life is a gamble. How will we get Chisaem back on my salary? You don’t say. I hope we strike gold so we can get my daughter back. I really hope we hit the jackpot. Here are the numbers. I’ll read it out. Hang on. 1. Wait. 1. – 3, 8. / – 8. 9, 12, 27. Read it to me again. Huh? – 1. / – 1. – 3. / – 3. 8, 9, 12, 27. I don’t believe this! What’s wrong? Baedal! Baedal! Oh, no! Oh, no! It’s an emergency, so we asked Development Support to join us. Our U.S. office needs our help to get the additional order forbokbunjajushipped on time. Marketing is suffering from lagging sales, so thank goodness you got us a lucrative U.S. deal. So do we go to our warehouses and secure enoughbokbunjaju? Our Yongsan or Songpa warehouse should have enoughbokbunjaju. Bom and I will go to the Yonsan warehouse. Mr. Yang and I will go to Songpa then. Okay. Let’s get going. You look tired. Was it another sleepless night? Grandma’s snoring is louder than a full orchestra. You should get some rest. I’ll check on the inventory. I’m fine. It’s nice to be out here as I can get a sense of how our company’s doing. Bom! Maru! Maru! Kang Maru! We got this place thanks to you, so we asked you here for a modest housewarming dinner. There’s nothing special, but it’s not a bad spread. Nothing special? Gukhui’s been slaving away for hours. Geez, mom. Daughters-in-law wield a lot of power now. What are you talking about? Mothers-in-law always reign supreme. This is a real feast. Thank you for inviting us. Baedal, did you see Bom and Maru at the office? Why aren’t they here yet? They went to one of the warehouses. There’s no use keeping them apart. They’re always together at work. Why don’t we eat? Thank you. Here. Taejun. Here. Good job. Here. Kang Taejun speaking. Pardon? Maru? What’s the address? Taejun. Why are you crying? I’m sorry I startled you. You were so dazed and didn’t even recognize me in the ambulance. Do you know how scared I was? You want me to marry you. So how can you get hurt like this? Are you okay? Where? I’m perfectly fine. I’m relieved you’re okay. Why worry about me when I’m fine? Maru. Good grief, son. You’re not Superman. Why did you run under falling boxes? You could’ve really hurt yourself. Are you okay? Why are you all here? I’m fine. Geez, Maru. You both need to stay safe. Bom would’ve been devastated if something had happened to you while trying to save her. Why couldn’t you be more careful? Why’d you have to stand under heavy boxes? Maru almost died trying to save me. The poor thing. Since you’re hurt, I can’t say I’m relieved. But thank you. And… Yes. Thank you. How can we keep them apart when they’re so in love? They say parents are bound to cave. It’ll only torment us if we don’t say yes. We can’t stop them. I agree. Like they said, we’re sharing lovely kids and they are sharing us as parents. Let’s forget the past and just look to the future. That’s right. People who are forced into a marriage by their parents don’t always do well. And those who marry despite their parents’ opposition can end up doing well. Marriage is what two people make of it. Look at them. They make a great pair. You know about our new member, right? Please be nice. Don’t get territorial. Of course not. We’re worried she’ll be snooty as she’s been scouted from abroad. She’s not like that, so don’t worry. Word is that she was notoriously demanding and picky at her U.S. company. Must we be so judgmental already? If she can help the company, we must welcome her. – Punggil. / – Punggil. Don’t do that. You’ve really settled in. Of course. Look at you lovebirds coming to work together. I’m jealous. Really? Get going, will you? Are you sure you’ll be okay? Shouldn’t you take some time off? Don’t worry. I’m committed to our marriage plan. I can’t afford to take time off. Don’t you dare worry me again. I’ll call off the wedding. Maru!


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