Templeton residents surprised by proposed cannabis cultivation site

some neighbors of a rural Templeton community say they’ve been blindsided by plans for a new cannabis cultivation science if approved it would go up near highway 46 about seven miles west of downtown Templeton KSP wise melissa newman spoke with some of the neighbors impacted by the grow and joins us live in Templeton Melissa Kathy this post here behind me is the only public place I could find where the county has posted in this community that a meeting is happening tomorrow now neighbors I spoke with that live here tell me they’re nervous about what type of impact a site like this could have on the community but the people applying for these permits say they’re following all the rules tucked away off York Mountain Road in Templeton is Garry Moore’s little slice of paradise I have enjoyed the flora and fauna of this area for about 40 or 50 years but now things in this canyon could be changing for Moore and his neighbors that’s plans and permit applications to turn part of a 77 acre property into a cannabis cultivation site have been submitted to the county a San Luis Obispo County Planning development meeting to possibly approve this site has been set for Friday but Moore says they’ve been left in the dark well I heard all of this just last week and and I couldn’t believe it it was like no one had vetted this subject at all it was like there was no concern Moore says he doesn’t have a problem with cannabis in general but he believes the site would disrupt the tranquility he moved here for it breaks my heart it does plans for the space off York Mountain Road include indoor and outdoor grow sites offices and storage rooms as you can see here this is not where we want to have those kinds of things this facility is more appropriately put into a location like tin city where there are wine dealers and and there’s people and they can they can sell product out the front end or do whatever they wish we reached out to the county to learn why their staff is suggesting to approve this project and are waiting to hear back for now Moore is hoping the Planning Department will decide Friday to take more time to weigh out the neighbors concerns we’re really frightened about the whole thing because it will destroy what we evolved chosen to be the place where we want to live now I did speak with the people applying for this permit over the phone they tell me they are complying with all the county regulations and hope they can coexist with the neighborhood for those who like to attend this meeting it starts at 9:00 a.m. in the county government center in San Luis Obispo live local in Templeton Melissa Newman at KSBY news okay Melissa thank you for that SLO County’s planning in building department director Trevor Keith says the county lets people submit and process ordinances that are in accordance with the law recommendations are approved when the ordinance meets the county’s code

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