1. It’s there property, kind of like if my neighbor let me go to it’s lake and one day a new owner shows up and says no. Well I can’t use his lake no more. Simple as that. Don’t get why the state or new owners make their own road that isn’t in that guy property.

  2. There's no difference between a government buying the land and making it off limits and some billionaire privatizing it and making it off-limits to the public.

  3. All those mad about this I have good news. The land is for sale… Open up the piggy bank, crowd fund or whatever you need to do to purchase the land, then you can open it up for public use if you want as it will be yours to do as you want just as it is theirs to do as they want.
    The 2 previous owners looked the other way on that road being used by the public but unfortunately for all those upset the road is a private road. Getting used to using something that is not yours does not make it yours.
    They did reach a deal to sell a parcel of land to the state and sell rights to road access to that parcel so people will get their access but this road on video will be at the mercy of next owner as it is private…. Or you can buy it and open up a free park if you want. The land will be yours to do what you want with it.
    Stop acting like looters and thieves. Too much talking about sending in the goons in government to do the stealing for you. Remember.. They bought the land from a private owner that had bought it from another private owner and so on… Hate them all you want but the real crooks are the ones talking as if they have rights over another persons property.
    You do not!
    Private property is private for a reason. Don't like it? Purchase it and then you can do whatever you want with it.

  4. I’m asking this with a totally open mind. I’m a Brit, but I thought that your forestry areas are being sold off to a lot of people. The one the immediately comes to mind is the fracking industry. I thought they had been given a free reign over public land.
    Anyone care to put me right here ?

  5. Forest service roads that pass through private property not public access roads. They are right of ways granted by the property owners for a specific purpose and are not for public use.

  6. This is what title companies and contracts are for. Either the road is public or there is an easement and it is written down somewhere or it is not. If it is not well to bad it's private property and you need to negotiate or purchase those rights even if you use eminent domain you must still pay market value for the takings

  7. How much value would that property lose if there was no road leading to it? If for some reason they ultimately win and shut down pass through access on that road then the public, through the local government should remove the road leading to the property. It's kind of hard to sell something for a huge profit when you have to pay to build your own access to it.

  8. Lol to them is pennies, they will soon sell it for more 😔 and they could sell it to other people, Amazon v2 in the making?

  9. When will people stop holding so much respect for money and those who have it. When did morality completely vanish? Someone with a one of those big redneck trucks needs to go hook a chain to those gates and remove them.

  10. So, these guys buy something and other people want to use it………
    ILLEGALLY! FYI, in Texas, our property belongs to the owner. Moral of this story is people in Idaho don’t respect other people’s property.

  11. I guess y'all have to make a new road around their land or buy it back from them. Respect the land owners. It's their right to put a gate on their land. Don't piss on our freedoms.

  12. No one can buy anything unless someone wants to sell it. Also it's there land they should be able to do whatever they want. Feeling dont matter and shouldnt matter by law.

  13. I could understand if it was somebody's house and land that they actually owned and they didn't want people walking and having parties on their land but this isn't just a house. It's land being bought and sold that shouldn't be bought and sold.

  14. Why would they allow it to be sold then complain about something that has been legally purchased. Im getting ready to purchased a house and about 40 acres behind a national forest. If something crosses my property line it will belong to me including someones behind. This Columbus mentally mentality will stop with me of my life

  15. Definitely not the most honest thing I've ever heard but it is their land I wouldn't want people driving all over my s*** either

  16. So your telling me people are mad because someone bought land and doesn’t want people on it. I’m sure you would love having someone drive through your yard or park in your driveway. They bought it fair and square chill out.

  17. The only reason I would block previous open land after buying it myself is if I feared a lawsuit of someone being injured on said property I had purchased. If I knew I couldn't be sued by their own actions I'd leave it open to them. this is pretty selfish of them. really snobbish power trip

  18. Also I think there should be a limit on land claiming and purchases. like maybe a few thousand acres at best. if not just hundreds. it's kind of a Monopoly to sell that much to them.

  19. I'm sorry… I heard that correctly. These brothers bought the land. It's now their land. They own it. It's no longer public property it is now privet property.

  20. Maybe the state of Idaho should have bought the land instead of letting it sell to a private entity, which in my opinion, and the opinion of many Constitutional Amendments, give the private land owner the right to restrict access.

  21. Idaho allows the elitists to buy the frontage on all
    The roads so they can block access to entire
    Mountains on BLM land.
    You can't even find anywhere to hunt. The
    Rich put up 8 foot fences
    To block the elk from getting to public land.
    Force BLM to make landowners allow access.

  22. Our government or whatever government are fools!
    Selling precious public land will be mans undoing for generations of families who love recreational hiking, photography, nature trips.

  23. Uh no. Nothing is up in the air. It will say in their deed whether or not it is public easement and I know this from first hand experience. Any land owner that has bought land with public easement access can tell you all about it and those dirt roads must remain open. Having lots money doesn't entitle one special privliges.

  24. They probally want to sell it to foreign investors. As the Chinese and other foreigners they are buying tons of land in the usa. Why go to war when they can just buy the land. Thats our corrupt goverment for you. So you all sit back and watch as they take over.

  25. It's their land. they can block anything they want to. I would too. even if I lived in Idaho. I'm sure there are other ways to the public land. I'm sure they didn't buy a big ring of land around the park….

  26. If a sign on a public road wasn't placed there by the City, County, State, or Feds and was placed without their approval, it's fair game to be removed and recycled.

  27. Used to be the good old boys would just ease there truck up to a gate like that and make it disappear after they "nudged" it outta its footings

  28. Private means private, get over it, losers. I don't have much, but if I can buy 5 acres its mine not your own and stop crying.

  29. Never heard of them and really could care less "who they think they are", if tax dollars were spend over decades to maintain this road make them pay back the state and county then hit them with imminent domain and just take it from them.

  30. Just like millionaires to buy up everything they can, and then make a mess of things for everyone else. Most people with lots of money have absolutely no respect for others. Just my observation over the years.

  31. Seeing all the yanks here that are ok with gods land being given to the highest bidder makes me sick, the worst Christians you will ever find are in America…

  32. It is the governments fault for selling property without considering where and how it would effect it's citizenry. I guess $ signs beat representing one's actual constituency.

  33. There was a jerk that tried this in NW Montana, and people kept stealing the gate. When the FS caught wind of it, there was a short blurb in the Beacon (unofficially) encouraging people to remove any garbage they found on FS roads.

  34. interesting, by my Cabin are many Forest Service Roads, they've been putting berm's up for years, which is why i had to lift the Bronco, there are NO SIGNS, they just made it where Cars and Standard height Trucks can't get over them.

  35. All these arguments in the comments, it's simple -roads paid for by tax payers = public road, everybody has access to a public road. If you buy land you do not always buy the road, in the UK public footpaths go across lots of private land and the land owner cannot block access to footpaths. AFAIK the land owner is responsible for maintenance of the gates and stiles on those footpaths too.

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