The Bachelor of Agriculture

These are really exciting times for agriculture at the University of Melbourne. We recognise that as we move to a new era where there’s an increased focus within Australia on production of high-quality food and fibre that we have a real role to play in providing professional people with the training and skills and the knowledge to take those products to the world. There’s lots on offer from all systems and in all fields of agriculture. Whether it’s animal systems or cropping I think bringing them all together in the one place is very good. We’ve been told so many times that the thing employers are looking for is practical experience and knowing what’s happening on a farm. I think that’s really valuable and I think that’s what Dookie offers to us. The Dookie campus is absolutely the jewel in the crown for our faculty. It’s a working farm enterprise with over 2,000 hectares, one of the largest enterprises in North-Central Victoria and all of our students have multiple opportunities to visit a range of other enterprises around the North-East and North-Central regions of Victoria and that will give them a really broad range of practical, hands-on skills which again will be enormously valuable to them when they go out to the workforce.

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