The beekeeper talks about a wonder product of the bees: The honey uncappings

Somewhere around I have a very interesting frame
that contains fresh honey and pollen Although we are in April we have fresh honey on this frame My apiary is currently near a forest and in there the bees
found a variety of spring flowers which they harvested If you look closely, you’ll notice that the pollen is differently
colored due to different colors of the spring flowers.
The dominat color is purple. Unfortunately the camera can not capture well these colors on the frame,
but notice honey at the top and bee pollen on the bottom The honey is very fresh and hasn’t been capped.
Only a few cells are capped. If I turn the frame, we might notice some honey
dropps on the table. When the bees harvest the nectar from flowers, it contains a lot of water.
The processed nectar is stored at the top of the frame. If you look closely, the cells of honey at the top are angled
in order to hold the liquid honey. They are not like the rest of the bottom cells. The liquid honey is ventilated until it reaches about
18%-20% water concentration. A special preservative is then layed on top of the honey witch has amazing therapeutic properties, a layer of
propolis is then placed on top and finally a wax cap. When extracting honey, I have an instrument that allows me to
collect the capps and the final product looks like this. People are buying it because it is a wonder product of the bees.
Let’s see how capped honey looks on the frame. The caps have different colors because the wax was layed in
different stages when it had all sorts of colors.


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