The Death-Defying Climb for Honey

(soothing music) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Deep in
the Himalayan Mountains, about 80 miles outside of Katmandu, the Bhujung Village takes part
in a death-defying tradition. All in the name of honey. – [Narrator] But procuring
this precious honey takes more than just strength. A team of honey hunters assembles
twice a year to prepare. And Madan, he leads the pack. (birds singing) (chatting in foreign language) – [Narrator] Today, ancient customs are
still closely followed. Before each hunt, Madan
must visit the village guru to receive his blessing. (chanting in foreign language) (gentle music) – [Narrator] One day, Madan
will fill the guru’s shoes. In the meantime, he leads
his team of honey hunters into the jungle. (energizing music) The team braids and re-secures
their handmade rope ladders. Then, they venture to the cliffside where the beehives are hiding. The team creates smoke fires down below to encourage the giant bees to scatter. Madan lowers himself onto the rope, dangling hundreds of feet from the ground. – [Narrator] Despite
the incessant stinging on his unprotected skin, he
calmly cuts away at the hive, fulfilling his duty and
securing his liquid gold. (gentle music) – [Narrator] The hives are
collected by the hunters and packed up to bring back to the village where their safe return is celebrated. (low chime rings)


  1. wow thats the beast yellow bee hive i ever seen so shine yami but i dont like honey i dont like animals geting ther food tack away for ther kids and thats way in allmost vegen

  2. Why don't they just make those things where honeys come to it? Like in America so they can just go in the back of they houses and grab honey . No need for climb the mountains

  3. These bees are probably in shock someone went all that way for honey
    Probably thought they were safe up there

  4. Im A Honey Hunter As Well. The Honey & or Honey's I hunt for are nowhere near this high off the Ground. Good luck to you guy's Getting your Honey! 😄😄😄

  5. That one guy at 1:03 looks like he been getting stung everytime for years. Never gets away without a few stings in the face a day.🐝

  6. Falls off a cliff
    “There goes Jimmy, i told you all he didn’t have enough knowledge. This is exactly what happens guys”

  7. Hunter: Sorry bees 🙏🏻 😭🙏🏻

    🐝 : ohhh no your not ! But you will be juts open a big can of Whoop ass bees.

    Few minutes later: 💨 💨 =🍺 🍻 to bees
    (Inebriated bees )

    🐝 we love you man

    🐝 why don’t you look at me when we make love mannn

    🐝 I’m going to introduce you to our queen

  8. I'm guessing not one of them have allergies to bee stings…

    My brother is allergic to bees, one little prick and he blows up like the Michelin man lol.

  9. What a beautiful character they had. Asking forgiveness first before taking honey from the Beas. Love the attitude

  10. Here we have a collection of men risking their lives for food for their village. Other parts of the world we have groups of men crying about what pronoun they like. Other parts of the world, their are people who literally have panic attacks if they can't find their phone. Other parts of the world we have people fighting and dying for just to go to school. Other parts of the world we have people listing something that they don't like as a hate crime. Other parts of the world we have people actively calling for he deaths of those that don't agree with their political view points.

  11. In Laos we just climbed and slowly ditrict the bees. We have less than haft of these men equipments. Nothing to cover our face to say the less.

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  13. If I'm not mistaken you forgot a critical part about this honey is not only just for the sweets that they want it.
    They also want this honey from this giant bees cause it has some toxins that makes you hallucinate in another words a potent drug

  14. i am from nepal.
    We only have small bite of veer mahuri maha(honey taken from stone cliff and jjungles).If we dare to have more bite our body will get so hot and become sick.
    come visit nepal/

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