The Ducktators (1942)

The Ducktators In a happy barnyard, some years ago, a seemingly unimportant event
occurred, which was destined to vitally affect
the future of that little world. Mr. and Mrs. Duck were expecting. [Mrs. Duck quacking] Mama, was ist los? What’s this, a dark horse? Sieg Heil! And so time passed. Hey, bud, not so fast. Oh, all right. But time does fly, don’t it, Johnny? Time passed. The bad egg grew to man… to duckhood and with artistic aspirations,
dreamed of brush and palette. But ended up with only the brush. [muttering in German] His artistic efforts spurned,
he soon turned to other endeavors. [speaking in German] You dopes. [continues speaking in German] My mother done told me. Sieg Heil! And there were
some gullible ones who listened. [all quacking] Especially one goose,
more gullible than gooses… Goose, geese, mice, meese,
geese usually go. [in Italian accent] That’s right. That’s the old stuff, kiddo. He’s a smart fellow with brains, huh? Like me. Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil, boy. I’m from South Germany. Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil! Sieg heil! [coughing] I’m a “sick heiler” too. [shouting in Italian] Tutti-frutti. Tutti-frutti and all kinds of
whipped cream and walnuts! [light applause] [cheering in Italian] [screams] Dear, oh dear, oh dear.
Dear me. Oh dear. Oh, what has come to so erase All thoughts of peace
From off this place? Have they forgot
‘Tis love that’s bright And naught is gained by show of might [motor whirring] [grunting and shouting] Then from out of the west came
another partner to make a silly axis of himself. ♪ I a Japanese sap man
sneaking on with the dew ♪ ♪ Just a Japanese sap man ♪ ♪ I’m a little crazy too. ♪ Ooh, oh, sorry. Oh, so sorry. Oh, very, very sorry. Please stop. Oh, to apologizing like a dickens. Oh, just a minute, please? Oh, I am not a Japanese son of gun. Yeah, and I’m mock turtle soup. With spreading clouds of war, once more the axis march toward
dreams of further conquest. One, two.
Button my shoe. Three, four.
Shut honorable door. Five, six.
See ’em out of the sticks. Seven, eight.
Lay them straight. Nine, ten.
Begin again. Mercy me, regretful sight O branch of peace Forestall this fight Kind sirs, change your warlike… Stop! Now, where were we? Oh, yes. [all cheering] [shouting and grunting] Give them one for Pearl Harbor! America! Peek-a-boo, Fritz. Busy little bee, aren’t I? I hate war, but once begun
Well, I just didn’t choose to run. So I can point with pride and say
There’s three that didn’t get away. That’s all, folks! CC Cartoons
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  1. Why YouTube you let me down by recommending this to me
    Edit: nvm thank you i commented before seeing the video this is masterpiece

  2. I've been frantically looking up what this damn rabbit represents. I see on both the toon and actual wiki page that it "may" represent Stalin. I'm just not buying it though. The only resemblance I see to Stalin is him hitting himself on the head representing how willingly the Soviets sacrificed their lives by committing suicide in a way we see is silly at the time. I just don't see us knowing the Soviets sacrifices because they were on the opposite Frontline. I think the Rabbit represents England because of how the voice sounds. Also hiding in a barrel I believe represents how England hid during the times where they were just constantly being bombarded, only coming out to aid the Allies when they can sort of hide behind them. Aka the barrel. The Rabbit hitting himself on the head after he says I've been a busy bee I believe is just a jab at England for actually not being so busy till the Americans and Allies show up. To me England makes the most sense rather than the Soviets.

  3. Honey?! I think that a German duck, a Italian goose and a Japanese Duck in the backyard are becoming dictators and planning to conquer the entire yard!
    No, I'm not crazy!

  4. I think the turtle represents the U.S.. When the Japanese duck came, it represented Pearl Harbor. When the turtle attacked, it represented the bombing.

  5. 5:50 There is a goof that I found, we can still hear footsteps in the background, however, we don’t see the marching enemy soldiers go by until about 5:56

  6. My history teacher showed us this to demonstrate how propaganda was used during WWII, and the class was laughing really uncomfortably the entire time haha… the introductions of the Axis Powers went from making fun of a single murderer to making fun of an entire race of people 😬 yikes

  7. Why did america act like was a free country when they had segregation and racism I well allies but if they did mind there biz then hitler would have won HECK WAIT TILL THE 60'S

  8. Looney toon workers: i think this is gonna be good.

    America: oh shoot Pearl Harbor, we bout to pop some people.

  9. Oh my godness. American talked over freedom and Peace, but they want, that you Go to the Army. Nice Propaganda. You Not better in the War as the motherfucking Nazis. You killed normal peoples. In 19 40s, in Vietnam and today in Afghanistan and syria. Every war might was evil

  10. I bet the 3k down votes were because it was racist. Because millennials don't understand the purpose of propaganda and the timeframe in which it was used.

  11. Its cool that Warner Bros leaves these out in the public and acknowledges their existence and how whats right and wrong has changed while disney just bans them

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