The Forest Princess part 1, Babyteeth4 Mini Movie

this is a work of fiction abandoned
infants should be reported to the proper authorities Julianne’s you want to go on
a hike with me okay come on with the bag here do you hear that baby crying yeah
do you think the baby’s inside the bag I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a look oh it is a baby oh she’s so cute
who would leave a baby out in the woods like this I don’t know but we can’t just
leave her here we want us to just take the baby where’s the moms nearby you’re
right addy maybe we should check hello is anyone out here in the woods is
anyone missing a baby I don’t think anyone’s out here Gillian even if
someone was out here in the woods they wouldn’t just leave a baby behind unless
they wanted to we need to get this baby back home what mommy and daddy just put
her in an orphanage we’ll worry about that later right now we’ll just take her
home Oh I don’t think anyone’s home mom dad what
should we do let’s see if the baby’s okay come on I think the baby got rocked to sleep I think she’ll be okay here why do you
keep calling it sheet the blankets pink so it’s probably a girl do we have to
change your diaper you better check I’m not gonna check you check fine well Lily
she’s dry Gillian did you notice something she’s
not a girl she’s not a boy either what is she love to ask mommy and daddy
when they get back do we have to what are you talking about can’t we keep her
a secret a little longer why they’re just going to call the police and
they’ll take the baby away Adi this baby belongs to someone don’t
you think they’ll want it back but they left it in the woods does that
sound like someone who wants their baby back I don’t know Adi
please Gillian’s just for a little while I’ve always wanted a little sister or
brother right actually I was just wishing for one last night what I was
thinking I make it would be to have a new baby in the house so I made a wish
for one I don’t see does a good idea my wish came true and now I’m a big sister
not really we have to tell mommy and daddy you’re just jealous because you’ve
always been a big sister see now will you do you made her cry I bet she’s hungry
can you go get her some milk I guess so I don’t think we have any baby bottles she
has seen something I’ll go look you make sure she doesn’t
go off the bed don’t worry I won’t let them take you
away how’s she doing she’s calming down we didn’t have any real baby bottles but
this might work here let me feed her keep drinking it you’re a thirsty little
baby aren’t you I wonder how long she was alone in the woods I don’t think it
was very long or she would have wet her blanket do we have any fresh divers
I think mommy bought some for our baby cousin when they visited that’s good you
really are good with her Adi you think so yeah I think you make a great big
sister thanks but for how long let’s not worry
about that right now there she’s all done she’s falling asleep again do you
think she’ll roll off the bed I have an idea we’re going to take good care of
you this should work perfect this is a good
hiding place I’m afraid to pick her up I’ll do it she looks so peaceful
yeah let’s hope she stays asleep for a little while
what are you two doing nothing consider doing nothing let me drop to something
what is that over there we went for a walk in the woods we couldn’t just leave
her there girls stuff doesn’t belong in here you know the rules the strings
forget keep your stuff out of here okay sorry daddy
we’ll take care of it all right it’s no big deal make sure after you get this
taken care of wash up because we’re gonna have dinner what Julie where’d she
go did you oh under the bed hid it under there maybe he crawled away she’s way
too young to crawl he’s gone babies don’t just disappear Julie I finally got
to be a big sister now she’s gone wait a minute what is that whoa

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