The Gardens Behind Monet’s Masterpieces

(bouncy, cheerful music) (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] Look familiar? Welcome to the garden of
none other than Claude Monet, the father of French impressionism. Worldwide renowned painter who planted his own garden here in Giverny in 1883, and replicated it time and
time again on canvases. And this is Gilbert. He’s an artist in his own right. He has been responsible for the upkeep of Monet’s garden for over 40 years. After the second World War, the garden was left neglected. So in the 1970s, gardeners
were called to the rescue. (speaking in foreign language) Gilbert wasn’t the greatest
connoisseur of Monet, but he got to know him through his garden. (speaking in foreign language)


  1. woaH COOL i remember doing one of his puzzles with my friend on our school’s museum gahaha MONET MONET MONET 💙

  2. Man I love this channel, you cover everything and I just need to devote a few minutes of my life to learn about bits of the world. I LIVE for that, i'm fascinated by what the world has to show me. Thank you Great Big Story!

  3. Lovely video. but color is missing from the garden. Maybe it wasn't the right time of year?
    Based on Monet's paintings, like 0:32 for example, flowers are missing.

  4. I want a garden like that too, unfortunately those flowers might not stand the tropical heat. Well, save for the water lilies.

  5. GBS, "it was the flower's that attracted me"… Really? Don't you mean "…the flowers that attracted me" in the English subtitles?

  6. I spent some of the happiest years of my life in Giverny and visiting the small gardens of Monet. Thank you for this wonderful video!

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