The Market Gardener’s Masterclass

You know farming is hard work, we put in a lot of hours, it’s a big dedication of our time to do this every day day in day
out. If I put myself in the shoes of people that are starting and farming
maybe their first year, second year, third year, whatever. The first years
are hard because you’re building your clientele, you’re building your
infrastructure and also you’re learning. You’re making a lot of mistakes. If you
are going to be successful in farming you need to have that mindset where
you’re going to be investing in the right tools but it’s the same thing for
knowledge. After 15 years doing this, I’ve come down to this really important
understanding that to have good techniques and good methods is the most important aspect of your farm. The Market Gardeners Masterclass is an
online program showing all of the steps of all the things that I do on my farm,
every step of the way. Best practices, tested, trialed, ready to go, universal in
many ways, many aspects. It’s also creating a community of like-minded
growers from all over the world. Most of the tools that we recommend
there’s discounts around them and in the end it just creates an ecosystem where
the purpose is to help you become a better grown and further advanced your
farming. I want to help you and your farm so that you can have more success and
you can have a better life. If I can be part of that I will I will be a happy


  1. The way you describe the first few years of farming sounds exactly like how I'm finding my youtube channel to be, especially the making mistakes bit!

  2. Bonjoiur Mr. Jean Martin, je voudrais dire merci pour tout, vous nous encourage a faire une grand changement !! merci infiniment… je voudrais savoir dans quel place je peux voir l'episode 10 de les fermiers ? merci encore, Ivan Ortega

  3. This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for putting the extra work to share all that you've learned and help people come together. BRAVO

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