The Permaculture Gardener

– There was actually one week where I didn’t have enough money for lunch for my two children for the next week. And my best friend, Rob, said, Well, you got a bed of veggies there, why don’t you go to the markets? So I went to the markets
and I came back with $36, and I was so happy. Relief, release. And then I thought, okay, I feel happy in the garden. I’m going to start gardening. So, 50 beds later and $500 a week. – [Geoff] You seem like this whole – I don’t know, the journey of knowledge, which you feel comfortable with, gives you a lot of happiness. – Oh, there’s many things that I have let go on a financial level. But the beauty of the simplicity has just been so amazing. And I just really believe
that we are all nature. Our connection is with nature. And you find so much
of yourself in nature.


  1. Neat and happy story ..
    And a very beautiful garden..
    Was -28*F here last night and I dreamt of sitting on my garden bench just looking over the rows of plants like I did many times last summer..

  2. What an inspiring story. Great example of a person making the choice to not be a victim. Wish people would see they have the ability to empower themselves to move to a better life. Cant think of a more pleasing life than working in a garden. Thanks for the video

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