Thermosolar Hive: healthy bees & healthy honey

Bees are extremely important both for nature,
and for people. As Albert Einstein warned: If bees become extinct, the human population
would also die out within four years. Bees at present suffer greatly and a number
of scientists predict a less than rosy future. Bees are afflicted by pesticides, American
foulbrood, Colony Collapse disorder, and first and foremost diseases spread by a parasite
mite known as Varroa destructor. Varroa has moved from south-east Asia to practically
entire world and currently poses the greatest threat and the situation is actually growing
dramatically worse. Without human intervention, the Honey Bee will not be able to survive
in the outdoors any longer. Beekeepers have been fighting against Varroa;
they have been practically helpless however. They use chemicals, pesticides and acids to
try to suppress the mite. These are not efficient enough and cannot exterminate the mite. Furthermore,
all the chemicals weaken the bees and the Varroa mite is actually growing resistance.
The drugs remain inside the beehives and hive structures, reside in the bee wax, and may
even find their way into the honey we all consume. This is why we have developed a radically
innovative beehive, which makes getting rid of the mite possible without any chemicals
whatsoever. After 10 years of research and testing in
cooperation with Palacky University we finally managed to develop a Thermosolar beehive,
which can kill the Varroa Destructor with 100 per cent efficiency, completely without
the use of drugs. The bee colonies living inside the Thermosolar Hive are healthier
and stronger, and consequently produce considerably more honey. Thermal therapy has been known
for a long time already, but it has only been utilized rarely and with difficulties. And
it has never been applied in such a progressive way. There is no need for any pesticides, no drugs to treat the bees, the honey from our
beehives is clean and pure. The solution is revolutionary, as it solves several problems
at the same time. The thermosolar hive cures with only sunshine.
It exploits the fact that compared with bees the Varroa mites are extremely sensitive to
increased temperatures. It works as follows: The beekeeper simply removes the outer cover
of the hive, waits till the sun warms the air in the upper section of the hive, and
places the outer cover back on. Thanks to the unique technical solution the temperatures
within the hive even out and are maintained over the healing limit for more than 2 hours.
The bees, the bee brood, and the combs tolerate such increased temperatures without any problems.
The majority of the Varroa mite are killed; only those mites attached at that moment to
the bees outside the hive survive. The remaining mites leave the old bees on the larvae over the following 10 days. It is therefore sufficient to repeat the treatment once again, and the Varroa is exterminated completely. Varroa treatment is not the only benefit of
the Thermosolar Hive. Thanks to utilization of the solar energy the hive saves the honey
reserves, helps the bees survive winter easily, the bee colonies develop much faster in the
spring and increase the honey yield. The technology is proved scientifically and practically as
well. The beekeepers found it to be successful. Thermosolar Hive save beekeepers’ time,
make beekeeping easier, without chemicals and enhance the yield of healthier honey. We want the Thermosolar Hive to reach beekeepers
from all over the world, so it can help save bees and increase the quality of honey. We
all want honey without chemicals and we can help beekeepers produce such honey. We want healthy honey from healthy bees. Please support us.


  1. Then become a beekeeper and compete on the market. If your idea works, you will be more profitable, and take over the market.

  2. Did you really need that last shots of people drinking honey? Unless of course you want diabetes and not funding

  3. 0:12 Einstein never said that :/

    Why should I trust the research behind this project if you guys can't even use Albert Einstein quotes properly?

  4. This is great! I only have one question, do people really drink honey straight like they did at the end?

  5. That you are using that supposed einstein-quote makes me suspicious. It's totally bunk, and humanity would survive without any problem without bees. It would be a less prefered life with fewer and more expensive fruits etc.
    It might not sound too bad, but it shows that you might not have done proper research. Kinda like brown M&M's at a Van Halen concert. (Edit:typo)

  6. Why would anyone downvote what seems to be bee keepers solution? I guess some people are too stupid to understand the explanation.

  7. I salute this invention. The only problem is if the price tag is way more than tradiotional boxes … how do you expect for beekeepers from over the world to even afford it ..

  8. I want to be a beekeeper, but I fucking hate bees. I was camping with my family at the age of 9, me, my brother and sister went walking around the woods and found a bee hive. They poked it down with a stick, my brother tripped me and they both ran. I got 15 bee stings from that.

  9. Why don't we start developing technologies that mimic the role of a bee? Perhaps a very small robotic technology that pollinates the plants and produces honey? Seems like if we focus on making it cheap and easy to make, it would be a viable replacement for bees

  10. Your first statement, from Einstein, is completely false. I also think you overestimate the value of honey to the average joe. Nice that the bees will benefit though

  11. Very interesting idea – however, how cheap is it to manufacturer and mass-produce these hives? I'm all for them, but it might be to hard to get major adoption if they're to much of an initial investment.

  12. It should be less about the honey, and more about the cascade of negative effects that would happen if bees were wiped out.

  13. This is rediculous. Just tell people to set out phytoseiulus.
    – fast
    – efficient
    – no maintenance
    – they don't have to buy your expensive crap

  14. This creates a selective pressure that may catalyze the emergence of a heat-resistant mite species. Any thoughts?

  15. We demand a retraction when you quote the wrong person it is unfair to both the person who made the quote and the person wrongfully credited.

  16. Einstein never said that about bees. Good research guys. Link for the lazy.

  17. quote:

    A few notes"these…cannot exterminate the mite…" Actually treatments
    such as the naturally occurring organic Oxalic Acid are up to 99%
    effective at exterminating the mite"the Varroa mite is growing resistance…" True, but this has
    only been shown for some artificial miticides that are not recommended
    anymore. I don't know of any study that shows resistance to Formic or
    Oxalic acids for example."the drugs remain inside the beehive…find their way into the
    honey" Again this is a broad statement that doesn't apply to every
    treatment method.

    Thinking more long term: This might be a great way to artificially select for more hardy, temperature insensitive mites.

    Cost: Current treatment methods can be on the order of pennies per
    hive. It looks like their initial price per hive is around $650. Put
    into perspective, a hobbyist is considered someone with 50 or less
    hives. The largest beekeeper runs I think 80,000 hives.

    Feasibility: Bees are going to fight the temperature increase –
    they'll start bringing in and evaporating water to cool the hive when
    temps increase. They might leave the hive and hang out on the front of
    it (bearding). Higher temperatures are going to wreak havoc with wax
    foundation and new comb (melting, sagging). In order to maintain a
    precise temperature, each hive will need to be of better quality than
    what you see in the average apiary.

    History: This is a really old idea. People have tried it. It never
    caught on. I doubt it will catch on now either. It's just not

    There's no silver bullet for varroa, which is why beekeepers practice
    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and use a combination of methods and
    treatments to keep the mites at bay. Even once eliminated completely
    from a hive, the mites will return and their numbers will build back up.
    Only with continued diligence and selecting for mite resistant bee
    genetics will the problem be reduced.———–

    Would like a response please

  18. Amazing research! this also reminds me of how bees, dont know if they are American honey bees or what not, kill hornets that entire their hive with heat.
    Edit here is the video –
    Also they are Native Japanese honey bees

  19. wow the end was FUCKED. definitely not supporting people who DRINK honey. it is meant to be savoured and carefully placed in your tea and on your bacon .

  20. There is no evidence that Einstein ever said that. Hes never even expressed interest in ecology nor bees anywhere. The statement is also hyperbole and wrong.

  21. Sounds too good to be true. Love the idea if it actually works. Do you have an evidence or papers supporting it?

  22. nice video man!!! fack hooizolder i am going to be a beekeeper. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD XDSXDX HAHAHAAH

  23. this is great for todays bees. But somehow we need to get bees fending for themselves against these mites, otherwise we will end up with a bunch of layabout workshy bees that don't know what it means to get out there and deal with life.

  24. This seems to view the hives as being in isolation. Even if the treatment eradicated the mites foragers will pick up mites from other colonies in the area driving the mite count back up. If you treated just in the spring as noted in comments below there would be plenty of time for varroa counts to rebound to harmful levels in the summer and fall setting them up to do their worst damage which is in the winter.

    If your system worked and was practical you'd have to treat several times in the season to stay on top of mite populations as there is no way in hell that one spring or summer treatment will keep them at bay.

  25. I would like to invest in your thermosolar hive technology, as soon as I get the oil stock proceeds from my long-lost Nigerian fourth cousin, who died without a will. I wired my bank account numbers to some Nigerian lawyer just last week, so I expect to have the money soon. Can you take personal checks? Or do you need Western Union money orders, too?

  26. What happens when the mites become more heat resistant?
    After all they can be naturally selected to be drug resistant.

    Extinction is bloody annoying;
    all of the animals we don't wan't to disappear make it so hard for us to keep them alive
    (I'm looking at you Chinese giant panda),
    but viruses, bacteria, parasites and vermin are nigh impossible to kill D;

  27. So a guy who does this for a living that has 500 hives or more has to manually open and close the lids? don't seem practical to me.

  28. Damn, it's so satisfying to see the Varroa died like that. Love the honey bee. Thank you so much for great effort

  29. Please send a copy of this video to the UK government, as at this moment in time this year, May 14 2016, I have not yet seen a honey bee, last year they were all over my flowers this year there are non so far, in the later months of the year I used to put honey on the back of my hand and let the bees feed off it, I have never had any fear of bees only wasps and hornets, they need destroying.

  30. Fake Einstein quote from the beginning makes me even more skeptical of the " Scientifically proven" results. Would like to know more.

  31. not sure it will work , from wat i understand bees regulate the temerature inside the hive by fanning the hivegrates

  32. Great project and it seems that it works, but the price is still a big problem.
    Wish you the best luck in your idea.

  33. Very great progressive idea, and great invention. My only question is.. were they just chugging jars of honey at the end? lol

  34. If you can't properly research a quote, I don't believe you can research "thermosolar hives" or what have you.

  35. Mites can't swim or crawl on a liquid surface right? Why not just place the beehive stand on a circular pail with water in it so mites cannot crawl on the wooden stand of beehive

  36. If the key is adding heat from the sun, why not simply cover the hive bodies with a box made of plexiglass?  Wouldn't that be cheaper?

  37. Thankyou for presenting this innovative technology: if it works it could revolutionize beekeeping. I would say almost if not all my bee problems trace directly back to Varroa and their pernicious effects. I will be trying one of your hives!

  38. Oxalic acid is not a drug and the mites can not grow resistant because it kills them mechanically.

  39. what is max temp that bees can handle in sommer 50 celsius or more …. and do that temp 50 celsius kill brood larvae

  40. 0:30 Did anyone notice, by the end of that graph, the only country that has Honey bees without Varroa is… Australia? I knew this before, but I didn't know that every single other country does have Varroa.
    Proud Aussie here right now. And our government is putting in a lot of work to keep it this way – there are checks at all international ports and anywhere Varroa can enter to ensuse Australia is kept clean from this horrible pest.

  41. albert Einstein was not a bee keeper or any biology scientific! Bees are not the only inscetcs to pollinate, and bees didn't exist on american continent before Europeans settles brought them there, and the Indians and many fruit that didn't exist in Europe lived there and were even imported to Europe saving from starvations.

  42. You can use a $15 electric thermostat and a $15 electric heater and built a electric version that does the same and it does not matter if the sun is shining.
    Put a fan to the mix and circulate the heated air and the electric thermostat will keep the temperature of the heater/bee hive.
    The thing that they did not mention is, that the high elevated amount of heat needed to make this work is stressful for bees.
    Oxalic acid which is natural and organic will not stress the bees at all and an oxalic treatment can be done any time of the day or night and only takes minutes. No poison here. Vaporize 1 or 2 grams of oxalic acid which takes about 1 minute and then wait a couple more minutes so the mites get coated with the fumes and you are done.

  43. 50 % of plants are pollinated by native bees in the USA and not by honey bees and many plants are self pollinating.
    So no, the humans would not vanish.
    Honey bees are not in danger of disappearing, at least not at the mainland of the USA. However there was 1 species put under protection in the USA and it was a native bee in Hawaii that is in Hawaii only, it was not the honey bee that you know.

  44. Treatment for Varroa Mites
    2 tablespoons – Sodium hydrogen carbonate (Baking Soda)
    16 oz of warm water
    Mix thoroughly
    Use Spray bottle to apply (mist)
    Caution – Do Not Spray – Open Larvae


  45. good way to stop your queen from laying or damaging queens.

    Solar hives are not good.

    Treat with OA vapor, or lose your bees.

    Hit me up when you do, I have lots of NUC's to sell you. Two Bears Honeybees in Jax Fl.

  46. If they want this hive to save the people (as without bees, the human population would die within 4 years) it will be at a cost we can afford. Am looking forward to seeing it on the market, we all need them in our yards. A government grant for the companies that produce these is needed for our future.

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